As the demand for online collaboration and engagement increases in the education world with hybrid and blended learning, Microsoft Teams listened to its users and made Teams LTI apps available within Moodle LMS. 

Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams in Moodle LMS with Class Teams and Meetings LTI integration

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Sync your Moodle LMS course with Teams Classes 

Teams Classes LTI app enables educators to sync their Moodle course with Teams classes. Educators can set up a Teams chat & collaboration space for each course. With the Class Teams LTI app, educators, and students will be able to more easily navigate seamlessly between Teams and their course in Moodle. Capabilities will include: 

  • Allow an educator to create a Class Team with the proper user roles within a Moodle course based on the enrollment roster of the course in Moodle 
  • Respect Teams admin & Moodle privacy policies during Class Team creation 
  • After creating the Class Team, educators, and students can access the Team from within the Moodle course or Teams 
  • Support across desktop, mobile, and web platforms 

Schedule and join video meetings from Moodle LMS 

Teams meetings LTI app empowers educators and students to access and schedule Teams meetings for the class directly from Moodle using desktop, mobile, or web platforms. The Meetings LTI app will help educators and students more easily integrate class meetings into their course work. Capabilities will include: 

  • Schedule individual or recurring meetings within the course in Moodle and set meeting options (based on tenant policies) 
  • View past & upcoming meetings within the Moodle course calendar 
  • Join or edit the details of a Teams meeting from the Moodle course (deep link into Teams) 
  • Access previous meeting artifacts within the Moodle course, including chat, recordings, transcripts, and attendance reports 
  • Schedule Channel Meetings from Moodle LMS 

Check this video out where Mike Tholfsen covers the Moodle integration of Microsoft Teams

Check this video out where Mike Tholfsen covers the Moodle integration of Microsoft Teams