Teaching English With Technology [TEWT] SCOPUS Q1-Journal New Issue, New Reviewing Approaches And New Achievements

The publishers of TEwT are the University of Nicosia– (Cyprus) and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University–UMCS (Poland). 

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The Journal of Teaching English with Technology (TEwT) has implemented a number of changes with regard to maintaining and safeguarding the quality of publishable papers in the increasingly competitive and expanding Language-and-Linguistics journal-ranked Scopus category. From about late 2021 all papers that have been approved by both double-blind reviewers or by any external special-issue reviewers have had to undergo an additional third-blind review to be accepted for publication.  

In this third review stage, which is undertaken by a group of experienced reviewers, papers are not only assessed according to their academic rigor, but they are also evaluated in line with their potential to meet reader current interests and expectations. Moreover, by drawing on TEwT Scopus dashboard data, topical and popular research areas with higher citability and dissemination potential are analysed by the editorial team. A Q1-Scopus paper acceptance in TEWT is therefore a significant academic achievement. 

TEwT screens and rejects approximately 80% of its initial submissions. The second and third stage reviewer rejection rates are lower at about 60-70%. TEwT aims to screen papers within about 4 weeks, and the triple-blind review process may take up to 6-9 months in most cases. TEwT, however, has been receiving a growing number of submissions as a result of its topical research area and successes as a Scopus Q1 Journal, therefore, additional delays in reviewing occasionally occur.   

A rejection from TEwT is accompanied by feedback from the various reviewer stages, and this may form the basis on which to help the author(s) reflect and develop their ideas further. 

TEwT is also the top-ranked Scopus Journal in Language and Linguistics in Cyprus and Poland! 

Some Interesting Scopus-Dashboard Journal Metrics

For the years 2019-2022, TEwT articles have been cited much more across many different discipline fields
TEwT’s Scope CiteScore has been increasing consistently over the years and is on target in the 2023 yearly rankings to leap well over 3.0.
The number of TEWT citations has increased significantly over the past 3-4 years.
For the years 2019-2022, TEwT articles have mainly been cited in academic articles
For the years 2019-2022, TEwT article keywords have been:
  • TEwT is a truly international journal with published papers from 25 countries in the world for the years 2019-2022:

Indonesia Iran
Spain Poland
South Korea Cyprus
United States Saudi Arabia
Japan Undefined
Turkey Thailand
Ecuador Portugal
Malaysia Hungary
Chile Vietnam
United Kingdom Lebanon
Jordan Iraq
Cambodia Bahrain

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