Faculty (or Staff) wishing to develop screen-capture educational content can apply by filling out the MS Forms or contacting TELC (Technology Enhanced Learning Centre) 

Camtasia Studio Screen Capture Software Now Available! 

Breaking News!

The Technology Enhanced Learning Centre has sent out a Microsoft Forms to faculty to enquire whether they would like to acquire a licence for their office and/or home computer (note, this Campus licence also includes Home-Use right). Camtasia is available primarily for lecturers wishing to develop educational content, however, it is also available to staff, should they also wish to develop pertinent online materials.

As an updated version of the software is brought out each year, users will receive a new key when that happens. Users do not have to deploy out a latest version if they do not want to, they can deploy a newer version when it suits them (i.e., no immediate forced upgrade).


Training will be supported by TELC, Vladislav Kolev, an external Camtasia trainer from Germany (Anton Bollen), and by optional self-study. Here are some self-study training videos developed by the company Camtasia Tutorials | TechSmith. We recommend starting with the Record, Edit, Share tutorial and the other videos in the Learn the Basics category.

Tech Issues/Support 

Any problems with the software?  

Please visit https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us to find answers in their existing help articles. Users can also start a chat with a support agent or open a new support ticket by selecting the “Support” widget in the bottom right corner of that page.  

About Camtasia 




Please note: A Stream (on SharePoint) account will be set-up for licence users too. Click this in your Office 365 apps list to navigate to it. 

  • You can upload your videos there, and share them outside the organisation, e.g. in Moodle.