Professor Kokkinaki, The Dean Of The School Of Business, Talks About Using Engageli In Her MBA Courses For The First Time

The Engageli platform creates engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences; it is an always-on, secure virtual learning environment which is designed to recreate high-quality, small group collaborative experiences, even in a large-scale environment. 

Using Engageli for delivering DL courses of the MBA, I was able to give my DL students similar learning experiences that my face2face students normally have. I find Engageli to be the most realistic simulation of any MBA course; in such courses, students are often invited to work in groups, explore each other’s knowledge and experiences and deliver a collaborative outcome.
Within the Engageli environment, students are seated at virtual tables, I can visualise statistics that track how engaged each of them is, they can ask questions to those at their table, (or me) and perhaps more importantly I can encourage participants who are less engaged to interact and gain learning experiences instead of being left out in the sidelines.

Check out this interactive demo image Engageli created for the Teaching & Learning Environment!