Another Successful Content Authoring Project!

Professor Marinos Themistocleous’ Project To Create Advanced Interactive Lecture Content With Articulate Storyline!

The Technology Enhanced Learning Centre (TELC) and Dr Christos Anagiotos (Director, e-Learning Pedagogical Support Unit (ePSU)) worked with Professor Marinos Themistocleous (Director, Institute For the Future) to develop these lecture presentations. Vlad Kolev (TELC Articulate Storyline Expert) supported the multimedia side of this project and also developed the dashboard in Articulate Storyline.

Innovations In This Project:

Contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Centre, if you are interested in developing such lecture content.

The dashboard view, you can see the many features we developed for it.

Even a simple slide, when worked over, can be made to look intuitive and of higher quality. In this case, we see the power of ‘less is more’, where just a set of thought-out animations enhance our content.

Here we see an accordion-type of interaction, in which we have fit five slides of text, links, video and images. Videos can be paused and played at will, and clicking on the images enlarges them in-window.

This is a custom-made interaction that includes four buttons at the bottom that, when clicked on, display a different set of content, and the last one has a ‘Click to continue…’ button. As can be seen, this design allowed us to have more space for the content while also having plenty of room to breathe. Overwhelming the user with information is never a good idea.

A custom-made quiz with a result screen at the end that calculates if the user has passed a specific grade. It also gives them the option to review the quiz, to export a table that includes their answers, the correct answers, the points, and more. They can use that table to study for an upcoming exam or exercise.

This is another type of interaction, this one gives us the ability to have a multi-layered pie (in this case, only one outer layer was used, but many more can be added) with each piece being interactive and including its own content that appears when clicked.

Another custom-made interaction displays content in a vertical space, allowing for us to have the video of each interaction appear larger on the right side, while also having a lot of content in each box.