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Gamified Learning: Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece

This could be of interest to lecturers teaching Architecture, History of Art, Philosophy, Greek Civilisation, Literature and more.

Dive into the incredible richness of Classical Greece and meet Sokrates and other key historical figures of the time in Ubisoft’s Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece. A fully interactive game that teaches you about the Hellenic world during one of its most pivotal periods.

Ubisoft collaborated with historians and experts to ensure that the Discovery Tour series (“Discovery Tour: Viking Age”, “Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece”, and “Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt”) is accurate and adapted for educational purposes. The new series of gamified learning products has an immersive way to study ancient civilisations with voice-over explanations on artifacts like pottery and farm tools, art, architecture, philosophy and many more.

All while being inside the world of Ancient Greece, seeing a historically accurate depiction of it, and being able to run around and explore while learning. 

Delve Into An Immense World

Modes like guided tours, story-based quests and more, players can discover the areas and world of Ancient Greece at their own pace, or take the guided tours and stories that are made by historians and experts over the 3-5 course of years of development.

Image of the player talking to Socrates in a busy agora in ancient Athens.
A student avatar, speaking to Socrates, in a bustling agora of ancient Athens.

History Through Stories

Students are able to experience a vast array of interactions, such as with historical figures and objects, activities hosted by local communities, and see real-world images of historical relics that they encounter in-game.

Image that shows the 5 categories and how many tours were released in 2019. Famous cities, Daily Life, Battles & War, Politics and Philosophy, Art Religion & Myths
The number of tours at release in 2019, more were added later.

Used In Classrooms, Praised By Teachers

Winner of Best Learning Game and the G4C People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Games for Change Awards, Discovery Tour has been used by teachers to bring their students closer to history. In addition to its guided tours, Discovery Tour’s freely explorable re-creations of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Viking Age enable students to visualize the landscape, architecture, and cultures of the past like never before.

Image that shows a university classroom using the Ancient Greece Discovery Tour, with their lecturer presenting her own materials.


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