The EU crisis and the way forward: A view from Cyprus / An alternative proposal on the fiscal framework in the EU (by Andreas Theophanous). The objective of this policy paper is to evaluate the current debt crisis, which constitutes a much broader crisis for the EU and put forward some constructive suggestions. The first section briefly examines the background and context within which … MORE

The Cyprus EU Presidency and the image of Cyprus (by Michalis Attalides). The question of a journalist from a serious Netherlands newspaper asking “What would you say is the current image of Cyprus in Europe?” poses a question from a perspective other than the introspective one we usually see ourselves from, prompting the train of thought which follows and the speculation about … MORE

Business as usual no more (by Giorgos Kentas). Cyprus assumed the EU Presidency with minimum expectations. Still the goal is to succeed in delivering its mission. President Christofias would not stop repeating a fashionable maxim: Cyprus will run the Presidency as an honest broker. It will pursue the interest of the EU as a whole. Definitely, there is no recipe for achieving even the … MORE

Cyprus’ ‘Bailout Presidency’ (by Christina Ioannou). At a time when the main concern on the European agenda is none other than the continues Eurozone debt crisis, Cyprus is taking over the EU’s rotating six-month presidency amid bailout turmoil, itself being the fifth Eurozone country to request an EU and IMF financial aid. The request came following a €3 billion loss within the country’s … MORE

A mad project worthy of rescue (by Nicholas Karides). The schizophrenic state of affairs in which the European Union now finds itself was eloquently articulated by Tony Barber of the Financial Times in an opinion editorial last month: “To believe the eurozone can be saved you must be crazy. But if you don’t try to save it, you are no less crazy-which means you must keep believing … MORE

The Cyprus Presidency: Towards a better Europe and beyond (by Andrea Petranyi). Just under a month ago, Cyprus assumed the helm of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The challenges this 8-year old member state faces, until it hands over the baton to Ireland, are stark. If the issues Nicosia has inherited from Copenhagen and Warsaw, as well as new ones which … MORE

The value of the ability of Greek politicians to come together (by Theodore Pelagidis and Yiannis Palaiologos). As the main backers of Greece’s second bailout and the harsh austerity measures that accompanied it, New Democracy and Pasok saw their combined share of votes plunge in the last elections, as angry voters punished them for two years of wage and pension cuts and rising … MORE

The ghosts of Cyprus (by Robert Ellis). Believers in a multicultural society are bound to be disappointed when they come to Cyprus. Apart from Ireland, Cyprus is the only EU state with a dividing line between people of a different religious background. And for that matter, the only EU state occupied by two foreign powers, Turkey and Britain, which together sit on 40 percent of the island. … MORE