A fresh look at the fiscal framework in the EU (by Andreas Theophanous). The overriding concern in the EU today – one that is shared globally as shown by the G8 summit – is the specific fiscal policy that is being followed in relation to the broader crisis in a number of Eurozone countries. The current policy approach is intensely disputed by different philosophical streams and schools of … MORE

The Arab spring and broader strategic implications (by Gerassimos D. Arsenis). The subject is actually a complex one for a number of reasons but, primarily, because the Arab Spring cannot be considered as an isolated event that occurred within a stable world environment, but rather as inseparable part of a cluster of events that have destabilized the world order. In the … MORE

National Security VS Human Security: A conceptual assessment of conflicting narratives in the Middle East (by Farid Mirbagheri). Distinctions between three concepts may be helpful at the outset: national security, state security and government security. National security usually pertains to protection and promotion of vital national interests. It is exclusively in the hands of … MORE

Is a new war against Iran inevitable? (by Nadia Arbatova). The situation around Iran is getting worse and more dangerous. Although there is nothing new in the crisis around Iran’s nuclear program, its escalation has never been so strong and the rhetoric so overheated. The reason for this escalation can be explained by two overlapping processes – the growing concerns about proliferation of … MORE

Maritime differences and political players in the East Mediterranean (by Gary Lakes). The discovery of natural gas in the East Mediterranean has generated considerable interest in the region’s potential as a new source of energy for local and international markets. In just a few years a region that was considered to have no special hydrocarbon potential is now attracting the attention of … MORE

The Islamist moment in the Middle East and Turkey: Expectations and realities (by Ismail Kemal). The US Institute of Peace Press recently published a book under the title “The Islamists are Coming: Who They Really Are?” “The Islamists are not only coming. In several countries, they’ve already arrived. Others are primed to take prominent roles down the road. Altogether, Islamist … MORE

The Syrian unrest and broader repercussions (by Yiorghos Leventis). In this short paper I will seek to analyse the sad developments in Syria in combination of two main perspectives. On the one hand, the perspective of international law and on the other, the view from Nicosia but also I would say the view from Athens and any other capital that is concerned by the rise of Ankara’s Neo-Ottomanism … MORE

A cry for freedom, justice, and rights: Mary Wollstonecraft on the emancipation of women (by Stamatoula Panagakou). Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) is a classic text in the history of political thought and in feminist philosophy. Wollstonecraft’s account of women’s emancipation and rights draws upon her rich theory of freedom, equality … MORE