The Greek Crisis and the Future of the Eurozone – Revisiting some fundamental economic principles of the Eurozone (by Andreas Theophanous). The EU is facing its most serious economic crisis since the creation of the Common Market in the 1950’s. The grand achievements that followed the completion of the Single Market, the Monetary Union and the … MORE

Think about it (by Monroe Newman). Troubled economies and turbulent finance worldwide have produced volumes of comments and suggestions, some new and some are revisited old ones. Numbers of them warrant second thoughts before being taken seriously. The following is a selected sample of those that may seem appealing but are dubious. Among the steps being recommended to help … MORE

Cyprus on the world stage (by Daniel Pipes). Cyprus, an island near Turkey and Syria of roughly 1.3 million inhabitants, finds itself on the cusp of momentous change. As it belatedly makes its grand debut on the world stage after domestic Greek-Turkish communal issues have consumed its first 51 years of independence, it faces both great opportunity and great danger. That communal problem … MORE

Israel-Greece: The third chance (by Amikam Nachmani). The Turkish Flotilla (June 2010) and the devastation of strategic relationship between Israel and Turkey, led to a surprising initiative by two prime ministers: Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and George Papandreou of Greece. It has been reported that personal relationship and chemistry between Papandreou and Netanyahu … MORE

The strategic importance of Cyprus and the stakes for natural gas (by Costas Venizelos). The strategic and geopolitical added value of Cyprus over time has been the cause of repeated and successive conquests of the island by foreign powers. It has also been the cause of deep and repeated political complications in its modern history. However, it has also been the source of great many … MORE

Turkey’s geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for the regional balance of power (by Demetrios Theophylactou). This essay briefly explores some noticeable trends with respect to Turley’s regional aspirations, notably Ankara’s new vision concerning the Eastern Mediterranean, and attempts to assess the potential impact of this policy on the power balances in the … MORE

Nixon and Obama: Crisis years in comparison – Lessons from the 1970s (by Klaus Larres). The complex challenges of war and an ailing economy preoccupied both Nixon and Obama to a great extent. It defined their presidencies. This brief article analyzes the Nixon/Kissinger approach to dealing with the maintenance of American “credibility” and overcoming U.S. “decline” in an increasingly … MORE

Business Sustainability: Business Ethics complementing Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (by Nicos Timotheou). The stock exchange crisis of the turn of the century and the current financial crisis show that only enterprises whose strategy and operations are based on long term sustainability can thrive and survive in difficult times … MORE