The European Union, Russia, and Turkey: A brief comparison of the energy thinking (by Tatiana Romanova). The European Union (EU), Russia and Turkey have dominated the headlines of the world press recently whenever there has been a debate about the stability of the energy supply to Europe. However, little effort has been invested in the comparison of their energy thinking. This note … MORE



Lesson from Obama (by Monroe Newman). For more than 100 years, American presidents have urged a variety of comprehensive alterations of the nation’s health care insurance arrangements. None succeeded. From Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, including Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Trouman, their proposals met everything from resistance to catastrophe. Barack Obama got the job done … MORE


Denial of Genocide: History or politics (by Arda Jebejian). “Who after all, speaks of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Hitler posed this rhetorical question in a speech in 1939, before embarking on the extermination of the Jews. Hitler’s apparent conclusion, that no one remembered what befell the Americans in 1915, emboldened him to prepare the Holocaust … MORE


Toward a general paradigm shift? (by Andreas Theophanous). It seems that this period is indeed critical for Cyprus in relation to several vital issues. This short article will address only four; the Cyprus question, the economy, the security challenge and the broader national value system. For more than three decades the prevailing perspective was that the Cyprus problem would be resolved … MORE


Frontex missions and burden sharing (by Roderick Pace). The illegal immigration phenomenon is affecting all EU Mediterranean countries though the impact varies from country to country. Last March, Malta announced that it will not host any FRONTEX (EU border agency) missions to patrol the central Mediterranean with the aim of discouraging illegal immigration. The decision was taken … MORE


The proximity talks: No special reason for celebration (by Amira Schiff). Once again, the Israelis and the Palestinians are about the engage in negotiations, this time in the format of “proximity talks” mediated by the United States. Will these talks finally lead to the resolution of the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict? There is a good reason to doubt that they will. After all, nothing has really … MORE


The reform treaty and citizens’ trust in EU supranational institutions (by Demetrios Theophylactou). With the entry into force of the Reform Treaty, commonly known as the Treaty of Lisbon, EU institutions are obliged – indeed committed – to fully implement one of its core objectives: to offer European citizens an area of freedom, security and justice. This is an ambitious and gigantic … MORE


Understanding new developments in Turkey’s accession negotiations (by Petros Zarounas). Erdogan’s visit to Paris is an additional sign of the recent Franco-Turkish rapprochement. This rapprochement started in October and is based on two foundations. First, France’s commitment that it will cease to make any public statements regarding the possibility of a privileged partnership as an … MORE