TURKEY AND CYPRUS REVISITED (by Andreas Theophanous). On July 13, 1974 the two constitutional experts, M. Dekleris and O. Alticacti from Greece and Turkey respectively, finalized a draft for a comprehensive settlement on the Cyprus problem which was to be ratified on July 16, 1974 by the two negotiators, G. Clerides and R. Denktash. MORE


SCENARIOS FOR THE TURKEY – EU NEGOTIATIONS (by Michalis Attalides). All the countries which have in the past initiated accession negotiations with the European Union have in the end become members of the Union. In the case of Turkey however there is the possibility of another outcome. Turkey’s Negotiation Framework contains the provision MORE


A PERIOD OF REFLECTION FOR TURKEY (by George Kentas). In December 2009 the Council of the European Union is committed to evaluate the progress that Turkey made toward accession. Turkey’s progress will be weighed against the criteria that are spelled out in the Negotiating Framework, on the basis of a Progress Report from the European MORE


CONSTANCY AND CHANGE IN US FOREIGN POLICY (by Monroe Newman). The world doesn’t change just because the U.S. changes administrations.  And in many ways, neither does the U.S.  It retains its obligations, allies, commitments, adversaries, problems and power – military, economic, social and ideological.  It retains the internal MORE


TURMOIL IN IRAN: THE DAWN OF THE POST-KHOMEINI ERA (by Christos Ioannides). It was 30 years ago, on February 1, 1979, that Ayatollah Khomeini returned triumphantly to Iran following 15 years of exile. An estimated crowd of five million gave him a heroes’ welcome for he was the Imam, a divine-like figure rooted in the Shi’a faith. MORE


IRAN: THE NEW ARISES FROM INSIDE THE OLD (by Sotiris Roussos). The question whether there was fraud in the Iranian elections seems rather irrelevant since in essence it served as a spark for the confrontation between two Irans. One consisted of the urban middle class, hurt by both inflation and economic stagnation and of the educated youth and women MORE


TURKISH FOREIGN POLICY AND ISRAEL: AN END TO THE STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP? (by Anat Lapidot Firilla). Since the rise of AK Party to power, in November 2002, and the appointment of Ahmet Davutoglu to the post of senior adviser on foreign affairs, the process of devolution of the strategic alliance with Israel began. Moreover, it should be noted MORE


THE IMPACT OF FISCAL AND POLITICAL DECENTRALIZATION ON GOVERNMENT QUALITY (By Andreas P. Kyriacou). Fiscal decentralization refers to the distribution of tax revenues and expenditures among the different levels of government. A system is more fiscally decentralized the greater the proportion of tax-revenues and MORE

“EOKA, ENOSIS, AND THE FUTURE OF CYPRUS” (By Andrew Novo). This presentation involves a look at some aspects of the EOKA struggle during the 1950s. I focus on three obstacles to enosis, each relating to a major player outside of Cyprus namely: Britain, Greece, and Turkey. It’s not possible to understand the dynamics of the EOKA struggle without MORE