TWO ANNIVERSARIES AND A SINGLE CURRENCY. Ever since the summer of 1974 the month of July marks anniversaries which have defined the modern history of Cyprus .  Many people believe that the future of Cyprus has also been determined by diametrically different perspectives that, indeed, may be moving the island closer to a formalized partition … more

THE MUNICH SPEECH AS A WATERSHED IN THE RUSSIA-WEST RELATIONS. The future of the EU-Russia relations forms the core of Russia ’s foreign policy with the west. It will depend not only on the ability of the two partners to resolve their differences, but also on the international context. The two partners do not exist in a vacuum and their political will and readiness to find compromises … more

A SHORT COMMENTARY ON KOSOVO’S FUTURE STATUS: NO NEED TO RUSH OUT INDEPENDANCE. After the UN special envoy, Mr. Ahtisaari, presented his plan in March 2007 , the debate on Kosovo’s future status reached a critical point. In fact, Mr. Ahtissari’s plan envisages Kosovo’s independence after a short –however not clearly indicated– period of EU supervision and NATO … more

BOOK PRESENTATION AND FORTHCOMING PUBLICATION. The Research Center – Intercollege in collaboration with the Department of Law of Intercollege organized on Thursday, 5 July, 2007 , the presentation of the book “A Functional Cyprus Settlement: The Constitutional Dimension”, by Tim Potier, Assistant Professor of International Law, Department of Law, Intercollege.… more