VISUALIZE THIS. Visualize yourself as an American who opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq. You didn’t trust your President who baselessly linked Saddam Hussein to al-Qaida. You didn’t trust your Vice President who reportedly thought 10,000 troops would be sufficient for the job. You didn’t trust the National Security Adviser (now Secretary of State) who foresaw an Iraqi-supplied mushroom cloud over America … more


THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN IN PERSPECTIVE: THE CASE OF CYPRUS AND BROADER IMPLICATIONS. There is an anomaly in Cyprus which in turn creates various complications in the EU and in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Further to the continuing occupation and the ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriots, thousands of Anatolians have settled in the occupied part of Cyprus.  The Turkish-Cypriot community has already become a minority in the northern part of Cyprus. … more


BRANDING CYPRUS: FROM THE CYPRUS PROBLEM TO MARKOS BAGHDATIS. At the end of Marcos Baghdatis’ defeat at the Gerry Weber Open final in Germany earlier this month, the organizers brought out a small unappetizing cake to celebrate the Cypriot’s tennis star’s 22nd birthday. A polite and genuine gesture for a colourful sportsman whose temperament and talent by admission of the International Tennis Federation have animated an otherwise dull (bar Nadal) circuit … more


RECENT ACTIVITIES OF THE CENTER. During May and June, the Research Center Intercollege held four key public events … more