TURKEY’S EUROPEAN AMBITIONS AND CYPRUS. Repeatedly and consistently Turkish officials have put forward the view that it was a mistake for the EU to accept the Republic of Cyprus as a member without the prior resolution of the Cyprus question. This misleading point has also been supported by policy analysts who are sympathetic to this view held by Ankara. We should recall that in 1999 there was an understanding … more


SUPERVISED INDEPENDENCE FOR KOSOVO? In the last four years, the European Union (EU) has undertaken more than 10 missions within the framework of the European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP). Since April 2005, the EU member states contemplate undertaking a mission impossible: To guarantee the establishment and the survival of an international protectorate in Kosovo. In order to prepare such mission, the Commission produced six core documents. On top of that, the … more


A PERSONAL VIEW: COMMUNICATING WALLSTROM’S EUROPE. There could be no better politician to handle the Communication Strategy of the European Union than European Commission vice president Margot Wallstrom. Charismatic, vigorous and open, she epitomizes all that is positive about her own country Sweden an all that should be positive about the European Union but isn’t showing: Dynamic, innovative and … more


SPRING SCHOOL ON THE EUROPEAN UNION. The 1st Cyprus Spring School on the European Union begins on Sunday 15 April with the participation of distinguished academics from around the world and 24 (mainly) doctoral students selected out of more than 50 applicants from across the EU. … more