A Crisis Too Far. There is no doubt that the war in Lebanon is a symptom of a greater malaise in the Middle East as well as of turbulent trends in international relations. Indeed, the conflict in Gaza and in Lebanon is not unrelated with broader issues in the region … more


The stakes at the Israel’s regime change campaign in Lebanon. Israel is aiming at regime change in Lebanon. Its ultimate goal is to annihilate the capacity of Hezbollah to strike the Israeli territory and to take the leaders and the militias of that organization out of business. In practical terms, Israel is striving fro the establishment of a … more


Facing the Kosovo Conundrum. After seven months of talks, negotiations on the final status of Kosovo appear to be deadlocked. While the Serbian Government is prepared to cede complete autonomy to the province, but not statehood, the Kosovo Albanian leadership … more


News of the Center. In the past 2 months, the Research Center – Intercollege has been in the process of finishing a variety of policy papers and research work, including two books … more