Iran in Nuclear Landscape of Wider Middle East and in Euro-Atlantic Relations. Wider Middle East is a broad geopolitical space embracing several sub-regions with common elements – presence of Islamic population; presence of open or latent conflicts, and a special role of the oil factor.  Globalization of terrorism and proliferation of WMD have highlighted the … more


Iran‘s Nuclear Program: The linchpin to deter the US. In 1980’s, the Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime in Iraq vied to fill a power vacuum left by the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty. Today the roles have reversed, as the Islamic Republic of Iran trying to exert its influence in post-Saddam Iraq and beyond. Tehran’s efforts to subvert progress in Iraq and to acquire nuclear … more


The Inevitable Crisis in the EU-Turkey Relations. In its Declaration of September 2005, the EU called for “full, non-discriminatory implementation of the Additional Protocol, and the removal of all obstacles to the free movement of goods, including restrictions on means of transport.  The declaration also stated that: “Turkey must apply the Protocol fully to all … more


Cyprus Parliamentary Elections of May 21, 2006. In presidential systems such as in Cyprus, parliamentary elections offer voters the opportunity to express any disaffection they may fell toward the government (to the extent of course that it exists).  In this context the elections of May 21 were an exception as voters chose to send other messages. Inevitably the electorate and … more


Two Years After: Ten Fundamental Guidelines for the Solution of the Cyprus Question. After three decades of continuous stalemate, developments in Cyprus in the past few years have been astounding: on April 21, 2004 Greek Cypriots rejected the Annan plan V with an overwhelming majority of 76% and a week later the Republic of Cyprus became a member of the …more


Main Activities of the Research Center – Intercollege. In the last two months the Research Center – Intercollege participated in a major international conference on Turkey in Berlin, organized a seminar on Federalism and subsidiarity in the EU in Nicosia as well as a series of events in the framework pf the PRINCE program “Raising Green Awareness, Creating Active … more