Deputy Director General, Lysandros Avraamides, passed away on November 21, 2005.  Atribute to Lysandros Avraamides by Andreas Theophanous …more


Cyprus Accession to the EU and the Economic Challenges.  When Cyprus applied to become a member of the EU in July 1990, most Cypriots were primarily concerned with the political benefits of EU membership …more


Which Framework for the Cyprus Problem? One and a half years after the rejection of the Annan Plan, it is time to consider the future of the Cyprus issue.  The framework for a settlement has always been the central…more


Marching on to the next Objective.  It was to be expected that having achieved full membership to the EU, the interest of Cypriot citizens in the European Union itself would have waned.  Such was the obsession of …more 


Conference organized by the Research Center: Revisiting the Cyprus Problem. Over the years the Center has established its authority as the leading think-tank on the Cyprus Issue.  Following the start of Turkey’s …more


European Project on Vocational Training for Young Farmers.  The Research Center – Intercollege  will present an educational package for young farmers entitled “Educational Kid for Young Farmers“, on Monday, …more