Chris Alexander

Assistant Professor (Technology Enhanced Learning/TESOL)

Head of the Technology Enhanced Learning Centre, University of Nicosia



I can’t remember the exact random chain of events that led me recently to come to be reading about programmed death in unicellular organisms, such as green algae, but apparently, programmed death may not have evolved accidently by a random genetic mutation resulting in cell suicide, on the contrary, ‘cells may knowingly be killing themselves to be beneficial to their population at large’ (as cited in Williams, 2011) [1].

So what?’ you might ask.

Well the analogy (I caution the reader), which may not actually be within the realms of the ridiculous, is that it might be more helpful to view our banking system, and de facto our current mostly private central- bank-based fiat-financial system, not as buildings, people and policy, but rather as a living organism (or organisms)  that by design ‘suicides itself’ at the appropriate moment so as to nourish its new self at the cost, of course, of its mostly innocent and gullible victims (aka you).

Allow me to join the dots by bringing another factoid into the discussion: the second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy [or degree of disorder] of an isolated system can only increase over time. You might ask, as I did while marvelling at a free online film available on ‘MinutePhysics’ [2] YouTube channel, ‘What on earth is entropy?’

Essentially, all life (including, and especially, us) acts to increase entropy by converting lower entropic forms (e.g. food) into higher entropic forms (e.g. heat/energy/waste output). The point being, fiat money/currency—the thing for which we humans (presently naively) mostly agree to exchange our higher-entropy labour—is not an actual store of convertible more-clumped-up energy, rather, it is a perceived store of convertible more-clumped-up energy. In exchanging labour for a perceived government-licence-to-print-imposed store of fiat currency, we are effectively allowing ourselves to be harvested to some degree or, rather, we are allowing the parasitical organism to be fed.

In essence, following this analogy through, the banking system organism, with its institutional elite lackeys, throughout the ages, to varying degrees, may have always [3] sought to usurp the implications of the second law of thermodynamics for humans; it has thrived on our lack of discernment too, and sadly, it currently appears to be metastasising into something quite different (this time).

So what am I really trying to say?

Barring the discovery of some cheap form of low entropy energy or alien assistance, our modern-day banking system is on the edge of collapse [4] [5] [6] [7]; it is very likely going to suicide itself and mutate into (on one side of the cline) something much worse i.e. a nightmarish, cashless, digitalised, CO2-footprint-based and ‘new-fully-fiat’ currency system with each one of its users (aka you) eventually preferably being chipped, tracked, profiled and possibly reviewed for societal ‘snowflake safe-zone’ compatibility by high-tech ‘Orwellian-esque’ AI-run grid controllers. However, there is some hope that this dire prognostication may not come to pass as an alternative (on the other side of the cline) Bretton-Woods-style asset-backed system may be created (emanating probably in Asia and spreading) that hopefully would bring back some sanity to the seemingly completely manipulated world markets; this could also end up fully cashless and crypto but hopefully would remain asset-backed.

The transition period would likely be traumatic to say the least, however, the former extreme, in my opinion would be catastrophic for our species, and the latter extreme could lead to a restoration of true capitalism and markets determining the real value of everything for as long as the currency remained asset backed.

This brings me to my main thesis: the likely trigger for the suicide of the organism(s).

The Western fiat-based banking system, whose overt source is mainly the Federal Reserve with its more than 1000 billion dollar military-industrial complex enforcement arm, is facing a growing threat of rejection of the US dollar as global reserve currency.

For instance, consider some recent indicative and possibly connected events that suggest great conflict is brewing, and that may have at their source the tussle over dollar hegemony:

Event one: on March 17, 2017, the South China Morning Post stated that Moscow and Beijing are joining forces to bypass the US dollar in world money markets [8].

Event two (April 3, 2017): The explosion in St. Petersburg killing 11 and wounding more than 40 as Vladimir Putin was visiting [9]; with regard to this event, Kirill Rogov, a political analyst, maintains, while not ruling it out, that ‘it is too early to connect the attack to Mr Putin’s Syria policy with any certainty’.

Event three (April 6, 2017) Mr Trump, President of the US, ‘taking the moral high ground’, attacks a Syrian-government airfield with 59 Tomahawk missiles on the grounds that President Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical weapons’ attack on innocent civilians that also killed, according to Mr Trump ‘beautiful babies’ [10] [11].

However, regarding the ‘supposed’ attack, the ‘drain-the-swamp’ Trump President: (a) did not provide any solid evidence to the wider international community for scrutiny and (b) did not provide any logical reason for why Assad would actually undertake such an attack in the first place, bearing in mind the current victories Assad had been enjoying over ISIS and how undertaking such an attack might provoke an attack by the US on his democratically elected Syrian government.

Interestingly, in spite of the claims that the Pentagon ‘apparently’ informed Russia of the air strikes in advance [12], among others, Russia is challenging the US to prove the chemical attacks in Syria took place and accuses the UN of trying to avoid an investigation [13]; moreover, John Kiriakou, a whistleblowing former CIA analyst, even asserts the American politicians ‘are making this stuff up’. [14]. Also Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, states that ‘the US attack on an airfield in Syria has been conducted “on the verge of a military clash” with Russia’ [15].

Additionally, in what can only be described as supremely duplicitous, in Trump’s post-Syria attack speech, he referred to drawing on ‘God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world’ [11], although, he did not mention in his speech drawing on God’s wisdom with regard to America’s military support of, for instance, the Saudi Arabian regime’s massive killing of innocent civilians and also (I presume) ‘beautiful babies’ in Yemen day after day [16].

Events four: (April 7, 2017) Russia upgrades its military support for Syria [17], [18]

Event five (April 13, 2017) Donald Trump’s ‘armada’ steams ostentatiously to North Korea [19], in so doing, Trump also puts pressure on China to toe the US line. It remains to be seen whether there will be a major regional war or whether this is just all political pantomime.

Event six: (April 14, 2017) The US drops theatrically ‘MOAB,’ a ‘Mother of All Bombs,’ in Afghanistan [20] and then shortly after, the four times more powerful Russian ‘FOAB’ or ‘Father of All Bombs’ was subsequently discussed on RT on April 17, 2017 [21].

Is there a leitmotif in these events? 

Maybe, the events are unconnected. Or, maybe some of the subsequent events (after event one) could be interpreted as an attempted show of strength. And, maybe some of them could also be interpreted as an explicit/implicit threat to the world not to challenge petro-dollar hegemony (i.e. the likely trigger), until, that is, the Western banking system ‘organism’ decides to suicide itself and transition into its desired new system on the cline.

Concluding remarks (using the Obama phrase ‘bunch of folks’)

Well as Mr Barack Hussein Obama had a tendency to use the phrase ‘a bunch of folks’ often inappropriately belittling profoundly grim events [22], and as Mr Barack Hussein Obama, the sleek-smiling, smooth-talking, Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning and debt-doubling [23] president, undoubtedly at times used the phrase ‘bunch of folks’ while dropping over 26,000 bombs in 2016 alone (killing combatants and innocent civilians including ‘beautiful babies’ ) [24], the phrase ‘bunch of folks’ itself has a particularly poignant meaning for me.

I will therefore conclude à la Obama (in contempt):

Barring the discovery of some cheap form of low entropy energy or alien assistance (as mentioned before), a whole bunch of folks are going to be affected in an axial banking-suicide moment in human history, and political miscalculation during this time has the real potential to lead to thermonuclear war, which is something, I guess, that the bankrupt war and welfare economy America doesn’t actually want (i.e. it needs small containable wars to sustain its war-driven economy, not an actual real war with someone that can really fight back).

The solution to rid ourselves of the parasitical suicidal banking organism for good is therefore to ‘come out of the slumber’, and then in stages decentralise money which will to all intents and purposes end the military industrial complex.

Therefore a whole ‘bunch of folks’ also need to be educated about what decentralised money is—and this is where the real challenge sadly lies, as most people cannot, or don’t want to even attempt to, apprehend the concept.


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