THE GEOPOLITICAL DIMENSION OF THE REFUGEE CRISIS AND THE EU’S FAILED ORIENTATION (by Constantinos Filis). The refugee crisis has specific causes and is setting off a chain reaction of effects. Europe seems to be unequal to the task of dealing with what is currently a ‘manageable’ situation, but that is evolving into an extremely serious crisis. In fact, Europe is fragmented … MORE
  THE CYPRUS PROBLEM, ITS SOLUTION AND THE BROADER IMPLICATIONS (by Andreas Theophanous). Obviously there is renewed interest about developments in relation to the Cyprus problem today.  And, like in the past, when Christofias was elected as President of the Republic of Cyprus there were high expectations; With the election of Akkintzi last April as the new Turkish … MORE
  ESTONIA TO EXPORT PUBLIC SERVICES USING DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION THEN CYPRUS? (by Tetsuya Saito). Currently Cyprus tries to increase incoming foreign investments and to stabilize financial system. This short casual letter considers e-Residency started by Estonia in 2014 as a feasible option to invite investments, to stabilize financial system, and to increase tax revenue. … MORE
  THE UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM: WHEN AND HOW WILL IT BE RESOLVED? (by John Violaris). During the last four years Cyprus has followed a very strict and demanding ‘memorandum of understanding’ imposed by the ‘Troika’ (consisting of representatives of the European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank) with the purpose of restructuring the economy, mainly its banking … MORE
  REORGANIZATION OF THE NATIONAL GUARD: PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES (by Nikolas Stylianou). At its meeting on February 26, the Ministerial Council of the Republic of Cyprus decided to cut military service by 10 months to a total of 14 months, in the context of a comprehensive plan for the modernization and reorganization of the National Guard, produced by the MORE
  OBAMA CONCEDES THE MIDEAST TO PUTIN. THE RUSSIAN-IRANIAN ALLIANCE IS FAR MORE DANGEROUS FOR THE FUTURE OF THE MIDDLE EAST THAN ISIS (by Eytan Gilboa). The turning point was the Syrian 2013 chemical weapons crisis in August 2013. US President Barack Obama wanted to deter Syria’s Bashar Assad from further uses of chemical weapons … MORE
  HOW LONG CAN PRESIDENT ERDOGAN SURVIVE? HE IS PROSECUTING WARS ON ALL SIDES – AND LOSING ALLIES AS A RESULT (by Robert Ellis). There seems to be no limit to what Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan thinks he is permitted to do. When Western diplomats attended the trial of two Turkish journalists accused of espionage – that is, reporting Turkey’s arms traffic … MORE