MIDEAST REGIONAL CHESS GAMES FOR STRONG PLAYERS: THE CASE OF ISIL (by Antonia Dimou). The conduct of two separate airstrikes in Syria, led by the United States and Russia respectively, comes as part of a strategy to defeat and degrade the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in pursuance of revisiting the international response to the Syrian conflict. The prolonged … MORE
 THE IMPACT OF THE UKRAINIAN DIVIDE ON EUROPE: THE MIRROR CRACKED (by Nadia Alexandrova-Arbatova). The Ukrainian conflict, which can be viewed as a quintessence of the mutual disappointment of Russia and the West, has brought the Russia-West relations to the edge of confrontation for the first time since the end of the Cold war. However, deep divides have appeared … MORE
  TURKEY’S ASPIRING HYDROLOGICAL HEGEMONY: THE IMPACT ON THE REGIONAL POLITICAL AND SECURITY DEVELOPMENTS (by Constantinos Adamides). Turkey’s geopolitical importance is unquestionable; in the middle of three regional security complexes – the Balkan (sub-complex of the European), the Caucasus (sub-complex of the ex-Soviet region) and the Middle Eastern … MORE
  ‘FORTRESS EUROPE’ AND ITS IMMIGRATION CRISIS: A DISCUSSION THAT’S NOT ENTIRELY NEW (by Christina Ioannou). Europe has historically been an emigrant continent. Millions of European citizens emigrated from Europe over the centuries in search of new opportunities and new lives. Forced migration also shaped the continent’s demographics, as a result of multiple … MORE
 THE COMMON EUROPEAN MIGRATION POLICY AND THE EU RESPONSE TO THE REFUGEE CRISIS (by Odysseas Christou). Since the late 1990s, the European Union has attempted to develop a comprehensive common asylum and migration policy; one that encompasses internal and external dimensions, addressing sociopolitical conditions in countries of origin and transit MORE
 CUI BONO? WHO DOES THE ANKARA MASSACRE BENEFIT? (by Robert Ellis). Saturday’s two bomb explosions at a peace rally in Ankara, which have killed at least 97 people and injured over 500, are a consequence of President Erdoğan’s desperate attempt to hold on to power and to save him and his family from charges of corruption. It all began so well. When the AK … MORE