KNOWING WHEN TO STOP: NATO’S OVEREXPANSION AND THE NEW SECURITY ARCHITECTURE OF EUROPE (by Theodoros Tsakiris). Almost 18 months after the fall of the Yanukovych regime that precipitated the dramatic events leading to the annexation of the Crimean Peninsular by Russia and the loss of Ukrainian control over almost half of the Donbass region, the … MORE

GAS DISCOVERIES IN THE EAST MEDITERRANEAN: A CATALYST FOR REGIONAL COOPERATION (by Antonia Dimou). The discovery of natural gas resources in the East Mediterranean promise important benefits of energy security and economic gains. A 2010 US geological survey showed that the Levantine basin – offshore Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus – could hold as much as … MORE

THE ECONOMIC EXPLOSION OF A BIZONAL SOLUTION THAT WILL CRASH CYPRUS’ FINANCES (by Aris Petasis). One of the world’s authorities on constitutional and human rights law recently described the Bizonal Bicommunal Federation (BBF) as nothing more than constitutional fraud that is meant to fool voters through benign-sounding but cancerous constitutional provisions. MORE

WHAT STRATEGY FOR AKINCI? (by Aristos Aristotelous). Well before his election to the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community, Mustafa Akinci has set his strategic objectives on the Cyprus problem. These include a federal solution that would unite the Island and taking control of the affairs of the Turkish Cypriots by themselves – causing reactions from Turkey. Under the … MORE

GLOBAL SHIFTS AND THE EAST IN CYPRUS’ FOREIGN POLICY (by Zenonas Tziarras). Over the past ten years or so the foreign policy of Cyprus, more specifically the Republic of Cyprus, has improved significantly in that it has started, despite some persisting problems and dilemmas, to realize and utilize the island’s geostrategic role. To this emerging reality contributed three main MORE

NEW PROPOSITIONS IN THE AREA OF THE EUROPEAN MIGRATION POLICY FROM THE POLISH PERSPECTIVE (by Adam Jaskulski). Very difficult situation with immigrants from Africans countries forced the European Commission to reform the EU’s migration policy. Members states with the largest inflows of immigrants applying for asylum are not able to deal with this extraordinary situation MORE


MODERNISING DIPLOMACY (by Anna Karafoulidou). Formality and ceremonial procedures often come to mind as a rather inherent feature of diplomatic practice. In the fast-paced, ever-evolving global arena, where the Heraclitean axiom ‘everything flows’ remains relevant as ever, the diplomatic milieu could not have remained untouched. The gradual transition from traditional to a more MORE


THE CURRENT STATE OF PLAY OF THE EUROPEAN STRUCTURAL AND INVESTMENT FUNDS2014-2020 (by Alison Camilleri). In December 2013, the European Commission launched a new set of rules and legislation for the 2014-2020 EU funding programming period. Due to delays most EU member states are currently issuing the first calls under the European Structural and MORE

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