Aris Petasis, Member, Board of Trustees, International Fund,

Moscow State Aviation University

The current negotiations on the Cyprus problem were initiated by three foreign governments for their own benefit and not out of concern for the democratic rights of the people of Cyprus (Greek and Turkish Cypriots–G/T-C)  Negotiations were kick-started by the British and the Americans, with help from Turkey, (the three are referred to below as: BΑΤ) with the following objectives in mind: a.) maintenance and further strengthening of the status of the British bases, b.) cheaper gas through Turkey with the gradual reduction of energy dependence by Western Europe on Russia and c.) free passage for Turkey into the EU without losing any of its gains from the occupation of Cyprus. The negotiations are simply a means to the above ends.  The interests of G/T-C are of little concern to the three countries.  The usefulness of Cypriots in these negotiations lie in the need to hoodwink them into giving away their signature (surrender) to an agreement that would benefit the three.  In this regard BAT are applying the following strategy:  a.) they are creating a phony atmosphere of urgency, b.) threatening, cajoling and intimidating our representatives and c.) using brazen and shameless propaganda. 


We have reached this stage because things were turned on their head recently: a.) during the election campaign for the presidency we were told tediously, that “our allies, the EU, will get involved in favour of a democratic solution that will guaranteed for Cyprus the acquis communautaire.   Instead, we now see Turkey’s ally, the USA, taking full control of the negotiations process.  Incidentally, the current US president once said that he considers Turkish Prime Minister R. Erdogan as “one of my 5 closest associates” amongst the world’s leaders (Foreign Policy Magazine 19.01.2014).  The other four are the leaders of: G. Britain, S. Korea, Germany and India. So, suddenly Erdogan’s admirers come in as mediators, praising in the process the president of Cyprus for his “courageous decision to sign the communiqué” with Eroglu and b.) during the same election campaign we were assured that, “Cyprus’ energy reserves are a blessing that  will help free the country  from Turkish bondage.” Suddenly, we see our energy reserves turn into a deadly weapon against us and in favour of BAT in their power with Russia. The three have a fixation with Russia and want her completely out of Cypriot affairs.  Regrettably, our elected representatives have been brow-beaten into adopting the propaganda slogans of, “this is the last chance for a solution” and “the conditions are now fortuitous and the opportunity to solve the Cyprus impasse should not be missed.” BAT are not interested in our welfare; they are simply serving their own interests (just as all countries do) via a “solution” that will guarantee their control over our energy reserves and more (for them it’s a case of “no hard feelings”!)


What are these three countries after?   The blatantly pro-Turkey think tank International Crisis Group (ICG) gives us the answer in the clearest manner.  The ICG, in its article titled “Solving the EE-Turkey-Cyprus triangle” (11.02.2014.) outlines the following benefits for BAT: a.) the pipeline that will carry Israeli and Cypriot oil and gas will go through Turkey to cover Western Europe’s needs cheaply, b.) Western Europe will become less dependent on Russian gas to America’s delight and c.) barriers to opening 14 chapters, out of 35, for Turkey’s accession to the EU will be cleared (hence the title of the above article.)  Nowhere in the article do we see in the list of benefits, “freedom for Cyprus,” “democratic constitution,” “true unification,” etc.


Undoubtedly, we are now faced with a new Annan plan embellished with propaganda, platitudes and phantom benefits.  With the Annan plan BΑΤ get: a.) complete control over Cyprus’ energy reserves, b.) a weakened, and out of Cyprus, Russia c.) Britain maintains its bases in Cyprus to perpetuity and d.) Turkey puts Cyprus under its control to eternity. 


The three countries are pushing their campaign through intimidation and threats against those that are vulnerable to fear.  Here is an example of how fear can paralyze politicians: In 1958 (from the British Archives) and whilst discussions were in progress on the Cyprus problem the British were assessing three possible options to the Cyprus crisis depending on Greek reaction:  a.) Zurich-London agreements with heavy violation of human rights, b.) improved Zurich-London agreements with improved human rights and c.) Union of Cyprus with Greece (good to remember that De Gaul of France saw Cyprus as an inseparable part of Greece.)  But, alas, with the first bulling Karamanlis and Averof of Greece surrendered without a fight dragging Cyprus to destruction.  


Final act: Once we put our signature to the wrong plan (Anna-type) the indigenous population of Cyprus will immediately be turned into political non-persons.  The demographic nightmare will gather pace with Cypriots migrating out of Cyprus and waves of settlers/colonisers from Turkey moving in to take their place via the Internal Citizenship of the Turkish Cypriot State. Therefore, our signature should be guarded as most cherished asset.  

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