AUSTERITY AND THE EROSION OF THE SOCIAL DIMENSION (by Maria Petmesidou). There is ample evidence that, over the last few years, reform agendas in Europe have prioritized welfare state retrenchment and the weakening of universalism. Even in the bastions of the social-democratic welfare model, policy reforms have been introduced that scale back benefits levels and shift … MORE

THIS IS 2014 NOT 2004: A PUZZLED RESPONSE TO A “REBUTTAL”. (by Michalis Attalides). My article “The Cyprus Problem in 2014: Three Differences from 2004 and one Similarity” appeared in In Depth, Volume 10, Issue 4. A text entitled “Rebutting Rector Attalides Position: “The Cyprus Problem in 2004 …”, by Aris Petasis appeared in In Depth, Volume 10, Issue 5. On the one hand … MORE

REVISITING THE CYPRUS PROBLEM (by Andreas Theophanous). Despite years of intercommunal negotiations and repeated efforts by the international community the Cyprus problem remains unresolved. The overwhelming presence of Turkey as well as Ankara’s unchanging objectives to dominate have been and continue to be the most important factor shaping developments on the … MORE

CYPRUS BAIL-IN BECOMES A RESCUE BLUEPRINT … IN A HOUSE OF STRAW (by Christina Ioannou). Five years on from the bankruptcy of the Wall Street bank, Lehman Brothers, and Europe is still licking its wounds. Incontrovertibly this is the worst financial crisis in post-war European history, triggering severe budgetary and banking crises in many member states of the Union. The … MORE

THE CYPRUS CRISIS AND THE DAY AFTER (by Farid Mirbagheri). The impact of Troika’s policies in Cyprus have been felt in no minute measures by many inside the country. In fact the shock has been so great that the face of the island from a developing and prosperous Member of the European Union has changed into a faltering economy with uncertain prospects. No doubt domestic … MORE

THE PHANTOM OF AUSTERITY (by Maria-Christina Doulami). Euripides said that “the bold are helpless without cleverness”. But in a time of European calamity – political, economic, social and moral – the efforts of the bold, no matter how clever, are futile without political will and determination. That is perhaps the hardest of them all. Particularly at a time when the entire European system … MORE



  THE NEW ECONOMIC REALITY: AUSTERITY AND INCREASING INEQUALITY IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES (by Craig Webster). There are many different responses that could have been chosen to deal with the crisis of the Eurozone. However, the general approach to deal with the crisis of the Eurozone is austerity. In general, these policies in the Eurozone are similar to the usual … MORE


  ECONOMIC REVIVAL AND BIZONAL – BICOMMUNAL SOLUTION TO THE CYPRUS PROBLEM (by Aris Petasis). Admiring Germany’s vibrant economy one tends to forget that the country became a nation just 7 years before Cyprus was ceded to the British by the Ottomans. One equally forgets the violent past of the country during the twentieth century: two defeats in two world wars that … MORE


  ΣΧΕΤΙΚΑ ΜΕ ΤΗ ΧΡΗΣΗ ΤΟΥ ΟΡΟΥ ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑ ΣΤΗ ΔΙΕΘΝΗ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΗ (απÏŒ την Ειρήνη Χειλά). Η Συριακή κρίση έφερε για πολλοστή φορά στην επικαιρÏŒτητα την έννοια «διεθνής κοινÏŒτητα» με τη μορφή της ανάληψης δράσης εναντίον ενÏŒς κράτους «ταραξία», εν προκειμένω της Συρίας, μετά τα τραγικά γεγονÏŒτα του περασμένου Αύγουστου και το θάνατο χιλίων και … MORE