CYPRUS PROBLEM: THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS (by Andros Kyprianou). In 1977, the bizonal, bicommunal federation has been agreed as the historical compromise of the two communities. Since then we have had successive rounds of negotiations that until today have not led, unfortunately, to the … MORE

THE CYPRUS PROBLEM IN 2014: THREE DIFFERENCES FROM 2004 AND ONE SIMILARITY (by Michalis Attalides). All the signs are that in Autumn, 2013, negotiations on the Cyprus problem will resume. Negotiators have been appointed by the parties to the negotiations, and the United Nations have produced … MORE

THE CYPRUS PROBLEM: WHAT NEXT? (by Emilios A. Solomou). The post 1974 “Cyprus problem” is half-way through its 39th year and although it has been looming in the background over the last few months it has been overshadowed by the economic crisis and the events of March 2013. As, however, the various … MORE

THE EXPLORATION OF HYDROCARBONS AND TURKISH OBJECTIONS (by Achilles C. Emilianides). The stated position of Turkey is that the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” has rights and authority over the maritime areas around the island of Cyprus and that Greek Cypriots do not … MORE

THE NEW UN INITIATIVE FOR CYPRUS: DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN (by Giorgos Kentas). With the consent of the leaders of the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot communities, the UN Secretary General and his team plan a new initiative for the Cyprus problem sometime in October. The question is whether that … MORE

BEYOND INITIAL IMPRESSIONS (by Andrea Petranyi). As part of my doctoral research, one component involves fieldwork in the Karpas peninsula, where a handful of mostly elderly Greek Cypriots remain: the enclaved. As the grandchild of an enclaved couple, I have been familiarized with the immediate … MORE