IS IT WORTH IT? (by Monroe Newman). Whether facing everyday choices or matters of fundamental significance, thinking people ask the seemingly simple question – is it worth it? Elaborate systems of thought have been devised by economists and others to organize and regularize the consideration of the … MORE

SCENARIOS FOR THE POST-CRISIS EUROPE (by Nadia Alexandrova-Arbatova). The EU and the future of European integration are challenged by the deepest systemic crisis in its history. The world economic and financial crisis has become just a catalyst for those problems that existed earlier and were … MORE

THE UNEXPECTED CYPRUS PARADIGM CYPRUS IS FORCED TO RECONSIDER TROIKA’S NON-VIABLE CHOICE (by Andreas Theophanous). Cypriots were fully aware of the serious problems their economy was facing and that the inevitable bailout – which also became bail-in as well – agreement was … MORE

EU DISINTEGRATION AND THE REVIVAL OF NATIONALISM IN EUROPE (by Giorgos Kentas). The European Union (EU) is growing thinner, both in confidence and potential. The economic crisis revealed the lack of cohesion and the incapacity of the current institutional structures to deal with such an extraordinary … MORE

THE ESSENCE OF ECONOMIC MEMORANDA AND THEIR BEST KEPT SECRETS  (by Soteris Kattos). It is becoming not only a new modus vivendi but also a new modus operandi. Wherever and whenever memoranda of understanding on specific economic policies conditionality are implemented, the outcome is exactly … MORE

THE EURO: A BAD ROLE MODEL FOR THE AMERO (by Craig Webster). During the 1960s, Béla Balassa outlined the stages by which countries may become integrated, from the most basic forms of integration (the preferential trading area) to more fully integrated blocs. While there are a number of trading blocs … MORE

EUROPEAN LEADERSHIP: FROM DE GAULLE TO MERKEL (by Nicholas Karides). There is a photograph of president Charles de Gaulle by Bernard Paille taken from a high vantage point in which the French leader is standing in the middle of dozens of officials who surround him in an impeccable concentric … MORE

EU POLICY AND THE CYPRUS BAIL-IN: HAIRCUT OF DEPOSITS (by Costas Apostolides). This article has been prompted by the announcement by one of the senior economists of the Ministry of Finance before the Commission of Inquiry into the causes of Cyprus Economic Crisis, that he was not aware that the … MORE