THE EMU, INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT AND THE CASE OF CYPRUS (by Andreas Theophanous). Cypriots were fully aware of the serious problems of their economy and that the inevitable bail out agreement was going to be austere. But they did not expect the harshness of the whole package. In reality what … MORE

FINANCIAL FALLOUT (by Monroe Newman). Cypriots are paying a dreadful price for monetary machinations. Unfortunately, they will be paying it for an extended time. Those non-Cypriots with large deposits or stock or bonds of major Cypriot banks are also paying a painful price. It may not be obvious at the … MORE


CYPRUS: SIX REASONS FOR STAYING WITHIN THE EURO AND ONE QUESTION ABOUT WHETHER IT CAN (by Attalides, Polemitis and Zenios). As in many arguments about a political and/or economic situation, in the argument about whether Cyprus should be in or out of the Euro, there is a tendency … MORE

THE EUROZONE, CYPRUS AND THE OPTIONS FOR THE FUTURE (by Costas Apostolides). It should be clear to everybody by now that the haircut on bank deposits should never have been thought up by the Eurogroup and the Troika, and should never have been accepted by Cyprus. For economics is not just … MORE

FROM BUST BANK BAIL-INS IN NICOSIA TO A BANKING UNION IN FRANKFURT: CAN THE EU MOVE FORWARD? (by Christina Ioannou). The latest Eurogroup decision on Cyprus can unfortunately neither be seen as a “concrete achievement” nor as a motor of “solidarity”; and with solidarity … MORE

A STATE OF MIND (by Nicholas Karides). Princeton cceia Professor Anne Marie Slaughter, once Director of Policy Planning under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had long ago argued in favour of the European Union’s form of international governance. Not because it is inherently better or because it … MORE

PARADIGM SHIFT: THE EU AND THE ROLE OF ACADEMICS (by Achilles C. Emilianides). Paradigms are achievements that should share two essential characteristics, namely: a) they have to be sufficiently unprecedented to attract and enduring group of adherents away from competing modes of scientific … MORE

THE CYPRUS (UN-) PRECEDENT! (by Yiannis Tirkides). It took almost two years after Cyprus had lost access to sovereign debt markets and about a year after it had formally applied for financial assistance to conclude a bail out agreement with the Troika. This delay and procrastination may have been more tragic and … MORE