The EU Commission’s Report on Turkey and Cyprus’ Position in December.

One of the most serious dilemmas faced by the Republic of Cyprus after its accession to the

EU on May 1st 2004 is its stance in December 2004 regarding the prospect of fixing a date

for the start of accession talks … more


Turkey Waiting for a Date for the Start of Accession Negotiations.

During the last few months, Turkey entered a period of a delicate balancing process, the outcome

of which will probably constitute a turning-point in its Kemalic history … more


European dilemmas regarding Turkey.

As the time of reckoning regarding Turkey’s bid for accession to the EU approaches, Union member

states are thinking harder about their final stance on the issue … more


Cypriot Concerns about Turkey.

Although the Cypriot political leadership has said that it will not block the start of accession

negotiations between the EU and Turkey, some practical issues arise and some concerns are

voiced … more


EU Enlargement and New Security Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean.

A new book on EU Enlargement and the Eastern Mediterraneanmore


The Cyprus Question and the EU: The Challenge and the Promise.

A new Book by Andreas Theophanous, published by Intercollege Press … more