Frequently Asked Questions

The exams will take place in the second half of February on-chain. The exact date & time will be announced soon.

Only wallets owning the course access token will be able to access the exam.

Multiple-choice quiz.

Students who score 60% or higher will pass the exam and will be able (optionally) to claim a UNIC-issued Certificate of Completion.

Students who have passed the exam will be allowlisted to mint the certificate as an Ethereum NFT. The minting cost will be 0.25 ETH (+gas).

  • Questions will be based on the material included in the main presentation slides. 
  • All the presentations are accessible in GitHub:
  • Watching the main weekly video sessions will help you prepare for the exam.
  • Guest sessions are optional – no questions will be based on material only addressed in these sessions.

No. You must acquire the course access token in the secondary market or wait for the next iteration of the course (TBA). The token (search for “UNIC access” on OpenSea) can currently be purchased for <0.003 ETH (<$5).

Please follow our twitter and discord where we will announce the date & further details.

Through a simple web app from your browser. The exam will be minted as an NFT token. The exam’s object will be encrypted and stored on a p2p storage network. Anyone will be able to see the metadata of the token but not the actual exam content. 

You will need to connect your Metamask wallet containing the course access NFT to access the exam. 

  • Once you access the exam, your browser will be revealing the questions to you one by one. At the end of the quiz, you will be asked to sign your responses before sending them for validation. 
  • Your responses and privacy will be preserved using zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography. No one will be able to see your responses. 
  • ZK proofs will be used to verify your exam responses. Your final grade will be computed and revealed to you, along with a cryptographic proof verifying the process.
  • If you have passed (60% or higher), your personal NFT Certificate of Completion will be rendered on your screen. You will then be able to (optionally) mint it as an Ethereum NFT and store it in your personal wallet.

No. In the future, we plan to have a for-credit version of this course, but it will have different assessment requirements.