Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The information provided reflects Fall 2022. Updates will be made to reflect changes in subsequent semesters.

The exam will be open from Friday, 17 March (00:01 Cyprus time) until Tuesday, 21 March 2023 (21:00  Cyprus time).

The link to the exam website is:

Only wallets owning the course access token will be able to access the exam.

Please use a desktop or laptop device with MetaMask (recommended) installed on your web browser.

IMPORTANT: Mobile devices are not supported in the current version.

The exam will be an open-book multiple-choice quiz. You don’t need to memorize anything. Just make sure you are familiar with the main concepts we covered in the course and know where to look for further information if you need to.

You will have two hours to complete the exam from the moment you start it. A countdown clock will be at the top of the exam page to help you with time management.

The exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. Each question has 4 possible answers.

The questions will be presented in 10 pages (5 questions per page). Once you finish with your responses for each page, you can proceed to the next page. 

There are two types of questions: 

  • Radio buttons (where only one answer can be selected as correct) 
  • Checkboxes (where more than one answer may be correct). In checkboxes, AT LEAST ONE answer is always correct.

The exam is open book: you can consult course materials, research the internet and any other external sources you think appropriate.

IMPORTANT: You must submit your responses and sign them with your wallet before sending them for validation. This is a critical step to ensure that your responses are properly recorded and graded.

When you successfully submit, you will learn the result (pass or fail, and grade) immediately. Do not close your browser before you see this message!

You must score at least 60% to pass and be eligible for the NFT Certificate of Completion. 


If you encounter any issues, reach out to our support team on Discord in the chat-nftmetaverse-mooc channel. Support will be live between 21:00 and midnight on Friday and between 09:30 and 16:30 on other days (all times Cyprus time, GMT+2).

Students who score 60% or higher will pass the exam and will be able (optionally) to claim a UNIC-issued Certificate of Completion.

Students who have passed the exam will be allowlisted to mint the certificate as an Ethereum NFT. The minting cost will be 0.25 ETH (+gas).

Exam questions will refer to the “main” course material only. That is, the twelve weekly sessions held with punk6529 and other instructors.

More specifically, you will need to study the following:

  • Lecture presentations
  • Lecture videos (marked as main sessions)
Additional sessions (panels & guest discussions) are NOT required reading material. You can, of course watch them, as they are all super insightful. But, no exam questions will be sourced from material covered *only* in them.

Centralized (non-NFT) versions are available on the course website. Go to, click on “Course Material”, and download all PDFs in a .zip file.

Alternatively, you can find and download each presentation next to each video of the main sessions at


Go to to watch all lecture videos in one place. Remember: you need to watch only those marked “Main Session” for the exam. Others are optional.

We have created transcripts (.txt, .srt, and .vtt formats) for all main sessions. You can find them alongside the videos in the above link.

You may also open each video on YouTube and turn on Captions or live transcript. Click here for instructions

Of course. It wouldn’t be an on-chain course otherwise. All material has been minted as NFTs that you can store forever in your personal Ethereum wallet.

To mint, visit 

You must acquire the course access token in the secondary market or wait for the next iteration of the course (TBA). The token (search for “UNIC access” on OpenSea) can currently be purchased for <0.003 ETH (<$5).​

Please follow our twitter and discord where we will announce the date & further details.​

Through a simple web app from your browser. The exam will be minted as an NFT token. The exam’s object will be encrypted and stored on a p2p storage network. Anyone will be able to see the metadata of the token but not the actual exam content. You will need to connect your Metamask wallet containing the course access NFT to access the exam. ​

  • Once you access the exam, your browser will reveal the questions to you one by one. At the end of the quiz, you will be asked to sign your responses before sending them for validation. ​
  • Your responses and privacy will be preserved using zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography. No one will be able to see your responses. ​
  • Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) will be used to verify your exam responses. Your final grade will be computed and shown on screen, along with a cryptographic proof verifying the process.
  • If you have obtained a pass score (60% or higher), you will then be able to (optionally) mint your personal NFT Certificate of Completion as an Ethereum NFT and store it in your personal wallet.

No. In the future, we plan to have a for-credit version of this course, but it will have different assessment requirements.

The exam will be open from Friday, 17 March (00:01 Cyprus time) until Monday, 20 March (23:59 Cyprus time).  You will be able to access it at any time during this period, but you will have only one attempt (i.e. once you submit your answers, you will not be able to access the exam again).

Yes, the mint will remain open for some time after the exam. Exact details will be announced soon.

Yes. Everything in the slides is part of the teaching material and can be asked in the exam.

Details about the certificate will be announced soon.

There will be no re-attempts this time, but you will be able to take the exam the next time that the course runs.

While taking the test, your responses will be cached in  the local storage of your browser  in case of a connection dropout. However, a stable internet connection is  necessary for submitting your responses to the server for validation.