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Visiting Professor at the IE Business School, Madrid
Fellow of the Management Development Centre at London Business School

A keynote speaker whose career has spanned both the academic and business worlds. His research interests are in organisational design, culture, leadership and change. His insightful talks on change and turnaround are fascinating. Gareth Jones talks about the attributes that make a good leader and explains why good leadership is “what works for you”. In his award winning book “why should anyone be led by you’’ Jones argues that “great leadership excites people to exceptional performance” and that “successful leaders modify their behavior to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter-while simultaneously remaining true to who they are”.

About The TALK

Authentic leadership and authentic organisations

Gareth Jones will talk to us about authentic leadership and authentic organisations, competing in a world of increasing skepticism about business, generational change and the rise of a knowledge-based economy. He will analyse how and why organisations need to reinvent themselves! Jones will connect his previous research on leadership which showed that authenticity is a necessary but insufficient condition for the exercise of effective leadership with the findings of his new book “Why should anyone work here, what it takes to create an authentic organisation?”

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