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  • The EastMed from Below: Why Low Geopolitics Matter

    One of the paradoxes of geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East regions is that, despite their inherent complexity, they are often interpreted through too simplistic explanations to understand the dynamics of regional instability [...]

  • Cyprus, Global Grand Strategy, and the Conflict in the Levant

    Nodes of institutional flexibility in the international system are difficult to locate. Geopolitical locations where overlapping institutional arrangements make for possibilities of dynamic coordination are fortuitous but require nimble diplomatic maneuvering and long-term foresight among [...]

  • Security Equation in Eastern Mediterranean: Global and Regional Contexts

    Eastern Mediterranean as a crossroads, where West and East meet, has traditionally had strategic significance. Nowadays, the emerging strategic landscape in the region is getting more and more complicated and unpredictable. The global context is [...]

  • Will IRAN Become a Regional Hegemon in the Middle East?

    The recent crisis in Lebanon, with the mysterious resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, is one more episode of the undeclared war between the two main players that take part in the contemporary [...]

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