A Global University

The University of Nicosia has its own teams in 19 cities worldwide and has over 400 other University partners for student study abroad and exchange or research partnerships.

UNIC Centres in Europe and the United States

In line with our strategy for internationalisation and global outreach, we have established regional study centres in Athens, Greece; Bucharest, Romania; and New York City, New York, USA. Our vision is to achieve student, research, and industry outreach with leaders in their respective fields across the globe.

Athens, Greece

Our centre in Athens is considered one of the most aesthetically modern educational and conference centres in Athens for its contemporary interiors, décor and infrastructure.

The centre is a creative space with a range of advanced facilities and teaching aids that foster a dynamic and engaged learning environment. The space easily meets the demands of any activity, including training lectures, examinations, conferences, workshops, educational meetings and presentations.

Located in the heart of Athens, in Neo Psychico, the centre is just minutes away from the new Cholargos Metro station, providing easy access to anywhere in the city.

The Athens centre has long been the leader in professional training in accounting in Greece. Today, it also provides student support services to Greek university students.

Bucharest, Romania

Our centre in Bucharest was established in 2008, in a dedicated building in the central university sector of the city. It delivers top quality training in an ergonomically designed and versatile teaching environment that encourages learning.

The centre has provided support to our professional training corporate partners since inception. More recently, it also provides student support services and outreach on research and partnerships.

New York City, USA

Our newest centre was inaugurated in February 2017 in SoHo in Manhattan, which is a global centre for tech, finance, fashion and media.

The centre is housed in a recently constructed tech hub, alongside tech leaders like IBM’s cloud computing group and PwC’s startup group. With the latest technology and flexibility of the space, it makes for a stimulating learning environment. The centre’s goals are to support research and training in blockchain/ fintech, medicine, and accounting, and to provide support to students in North America.