Unique Magazine

The ‘Unique’ magazine is a magazine published by the University students as their uncensored voice.

All students with special interests in writing, advertising, design or photography are welcome to join the ‘Unique’ publication team. Articles of all types are hosted in the pages of ‘Unique’. Noteworthy news from all over the world, film reviews, poems, quick and easy student recipes, fashion tips, presentations of different countries and their culture, student art, photography, architectural design and other exhibitions are just some of the topics of the remarkable articles usually found in ‘Unique’. 

Current Issue

UNique - Issue 13 (Read OnlineDownload pdf)


Past Issues

UNique - Issue 12 (Read OnlineDownload pdf)

UNique - Issue 11 (Read OnlineDownload pdf)

UNique - Issue 10

UNique - Issue 9

UNique - Issue 8

UNique - Issue 7

UNique - Issue 6