The role of the Mentor and the Mentee

The Mentor acts as a supporter, a counselor and a spiritual guide of a younger person.

The Role of the Mentor

The Mentor should:

  • Actively listen
  • Ask
  • Share thoughts, knowledge and experience
  • Support the mentee in the exploration and clarification of both educational and professional aims
  • Encourage the discovery and development of objectives and skills
  • Further encourage them to investigate their horizons, involving them in new experiences
  • To create opportunities and offer alternative perspectives, which in other circumstances wouldn’t exist (i.e. access to social networks, useful sources of information)
  • Introduce the mentee to the world of labor market
  • Cooperate in the solution of any problems that the mentee is facing but not solve the problem for the mentee
  • Be a role model

The Role of the Mentee

The Mentee should:

  • Listen
  • Share thoughts
  • Be open to new and different perspectives
  • To take responsibility for their own development and mentoring process
  • To revise and study in depth

Advice to the Mentor

Encourage your mentee to communicate with you openly and honestly. It is useful to set guidelines and expectations from the beginning of the relationship and to keep your sense of humor, when circumstances allow for it. Share your successes and failures. Do not hesitate to reveal any mistakes that you may have made in your career, especially if it prevents your mentee from repeating them. Concentrate on your mentee, as their empowerment is also your primary target.

Advice to the Mentee

The mentoring relationship is focused on you and your own professional and personal development. Seize the opportunity and build a meaningful relationship with your mentor. The responsibility and respect that will be shown in this relationship, will ultimately lead to its success.