Prerequisites for effective Mentoring

Effective cooperation between mentor and mentee must be distinguished for its rewarding qualities. The two sides communicate, exchange new ideas and inspire one another.

A true Mentor aims:

  • To completely update the mentee about the job market.
  • To counsel for successful integration of the mentee in their workplace
  • To share with the mentee about any work related experiences
  • To support the mentee in terms of networking
  • To develop  a relationship of friendship, trust and respect with the mentee
  • To enrich the communication skills of the mentee and generally to develop the thinking process

A true Mentee aims:

  • To collect the information and experience on the professional field of the mentor
  • To update the mentor on his studies, professional goals, and any relevant experiences and knowledge
  • To achieve professional goals
  • To enhance his personal development
  • To enrich and develop knowledge and skills
  • To support the mentor, if requested, in assistance of a corporate exhibition, etc.

For the proper and smooth operation of a mentoring program, the following conditions must be met:

Drive for knowledge and education

Both from the perspective of mentee and the mentor. It is the job of the mentor is to teach the mentee how to educate him/herself and to encourage the willingness to learn, in ways that include improving the skills of using various methods such as teaching, training, cultivating experience and counseling.

Drive for honest communication

Both successes and failures operate as the most powerful teachers in the process of mentoring. The mentor, as leader of the learning experience, has the need to share with his mentee stories and cases of successful practices. They could also share their failures through their stories. In both cases the narration of stories, provides opportunities for analysis, judgment and comparison of actual cases which are directly linked to the knowledge that the mentor is attempting to transfer to the mentee.


Confidentiality is a prerequisite for the development of a relationship of mentoring. Both the mentor and the mentee must agree that everything discussed during the meetings will remain confidential. This is necessary to be discussed and agreed upon from the start their meeting.