What is Mentoring

Mentoring is the cooperation between two people, which allows the exchange of experience, opinions, information and practical advice in a specific area of activity. It is a relationship that strengthens and develops  confidence, enhancing the professional and personal skills of both individuals.

Mentoring is used to help the development and advancement of people and lasts for a designated amount of time.

Mentoring requires the willingness also from the side of the mentor as well as the mentee for the  growth and continuous development of a relationship based on good communication, trust, respect and continuous positive results.

What Mentoring isn’t

Mentoring is neither a relationship based on friendship, which focuses on the personal development of either one or the other member of the party, depending on the circumstances, nor a relationship that of a tutor and tutee which in turn focuses on the development of educational skills.

  • The mentee always is in control over their learning process
  • Mentoring doesn’t dictate opinions or solutions
  • Mentoring doesn’t assess, compare or educate

Mentoring suggests practical advice which demystifies difficulties and creates conditions of development and progress. Mentoring is confidential, cooperative and helpful.