Alumni Relations

An alumnus’ journey at the University of Nicosia may have begun with their time here as students, however, it does not end upon graduating.

The University aspires to play a role in the lives of its graduates, to remain in touch with them, foster interaction between them, and support them where possible. In line with this, the University is pleased to provide its alumni with a range of benefits and services.

An Alumni Membership Card, which will identify our alumni as such, is available to each University of Nicosia alumnus/alumna. The card is connected to a guide/booklet, detailing the services and products that our alumni have access to and can benefit from (at reduced rates). The booklet contains a complete list of vendors (cafes, restaurants etc.) that have signed up for the Alumni Benefits Scheme, organized in categories and delineating their respective discount percentages, contact info, as well as any pertinent notes (e.g. seasonal/quantity limitations etc). The booklet is available below.

Moreover, by displaying their Alumni Membership Card, all alumni are eligible to the following on-campus benefits: 35% discount on rental rates for all University of Nicosia facilities and spaces (e.g. for conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars, screenings hosted on campus); 40% discount on all University of Nicosia/Intercollege memorabilia; and 50% discount on all University of Nicosia/Intercollege Press publications. A fixed discounted admissions price of 2 EURO to film screenings at CINE STUDIO (offered in collaboration with the Cyprus Friends of the Cinema Society) is also available to the entire University community, including alumni.

At the same time, as part of its focus on life-long learning, the University is pleased to offer the opportunity to its alumni to pursue additional studies at reduced tuition fees. Interested alums are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office for further details on Alumni Discounts on our diverse range of degrees.

The Careers Office, Student Affairs Department, is always willing to assist students and graduates locate a suitable job. In addition, alumni who are interested in offering full-time work placements to current students or recent graduates are welcome to coordinate with the Careers Office on this. Moreover, graduates are encouraged to cooperate with the various University Departments in assigning students with research projects relevant to their sector, in the context of a mutually beneficial relationship.

We hope that the University’s initiatives will be welcomed by its alumni and invite them to contribute in any way they can towards enhancing our connection to each other. As with the above, we welcome suggestions for further activity involving our alumni, in order to remain in touch…

Booklet of UNic Offers for Students and Alumni

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