Additional Services

The Student Affairs Department, in addition to the services it provides through its several offices, it also offers the students services.

UNic Discount Scheme for Students and Alumni

Student I.D. cards and Alumni Membership Cards are connected to a guide/booklet, detailing the services and products that students and alumni have access to and can benefit from (at reduced rates). The booklet contains a complete list of vendors (cafes, restaurants etc.) that have signed up for the Benefits Scheme, organized in categories and delineating their respective discount percentages, contact info, as well as any pertinent notes (e.g. seasonal/quantity limitations etc). The booklet is available below:

Discount Booklet for Students and Alumni




(In cooperation with the Center for Therapy Training and Research - KESY)

New students may have difficulties adjusting. Some may face loneliness or relationship problems; others may face uncertainty about choices or anxiety before exams. Such concerns may vary, both in nature and degree. Whatever their source, it is likely that they will undermine a student’s ability to study or manage life effectively. Student Counsellors provide sympathetic support and informed advice, helping students to develop independence, discover their own resources and find their way through their difficulties. Counselling is available upon student request at the Center for Therapy Training and Research (KESY) which can be reached at tel.: 22 795100 or through the Student Affairs Department.



All students may use the following address in order to receive their mail at the University as the Department of Student Affairs keeps students’ mail for two months.

University of Nicosia
(Student’s Name)
46, Makedonitissas Avenue
P.O. Box 24005
1700 Nicosia, Cyprus



The Fax service is free of charge to all students.


Bulletin Boards

The Student Affairs Department is responsible for approving and placing all posters and notices on the Bulletin Boards, located at various locations on campus.


Lost and Found

All lost and found items are reported and handed in to the Student Affairs Department.

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Student Affairs Department
Tel.: 22 842 150 / Fax: 22 842 199