Financial Information

Higher education is one of the most important and often biggest investments of your life, and it carries privileges and benefits well after you've received your degree. The University of Nicosia strives to help both you and your family become familiar with our financial policies as well as helping you overcome any complexities which may arise.

We make every effort to help you afford your education. Tuition and Fees at the University of Nicosia are always kept at reasonable levels. The University also provides Scholarships - Financial Aid. For Payment Options follow this link.  Furthermore, in case of withdrawal there is also a Refund Policy. Students with outstanding financial obligations to the University will not receive grades, transcripts or other documents until their accounts are settled.

Making Payments Using JCC Smart

Students can now make payments towards their tuition and fees online, by using their credit card on

Please click here to access the JCC Payment Gateway

You Can Now Make Payments Using Bitcoin

We use Bitpay for bitcoin payment processing.

Please click here to access our Bitcoin Payment Gateway in order to make a payment using Bitcoin