Graduate Traineeships


What is an Erasmus Traineeship (Work Placement)?

The Erasmus Traineeship (Work Placement) enables Graduate Students to go on a work placement for 2 to 12 months in an enterprise in another European country.

·         Erasmus work placements are supported by the European Commission and include an ERASMUS GRANT.

·         Traineeships abroad are supported during Bachelor Master and Doctorate degrees within a maximum of one year after the student`s graduation.

·         Erasmus Traineeship gives the opportunity to graduates to have a practical experience in their field of study and opens doors for employment at the company in which the traineeship took place.


Why? What will I gain from a traineeship?


·         Traineeships provide an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in an international environment and to practice all the knowledge gained during your degree.

·         It is a great opportunity for personal, academic, cultural and linguistic development through living and working in another country.

·         It will considerably enhance your CV by providing international employment experience.

·         It can improve your employability potential and may lead directly to future employment.

·         Traineeships are funded, so you will receive an Erasmus grand and possibly additional payment from an employer.



            Erasmus students can find traineeship opportunities in a various ways, by:

·         Contacting the Erasmus Office of the University of Nicosia as they have a database of traineeship offers.

·         Directly contacting employers or companies in other countries (via email or telephone).

·         Responding to calls for traineeship applications posted by employers on websites or other forms of media.

·         Communicating with a recognized work placement agency which will help you find and negotiate a suitable traineeship – These agencies usually charge for their services.



·         The traineeship must have a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum duration of 12 months.



·         Erasmus traineeships can take place in all European member states and in any type of enterprise/organization (with limited exceptions).

·         Students should feel free to pursue their traineeship in any kind of company or organization they wish.





The following types of organizations are not eligible:

             - European institutions (such as the European Commission)

             - Organizations managing EU programmes (such as National Agencies) in order to avoid possible conflict of interest and/or dual funding

            - National diplomatic representation (embassy/consulate)



·         The grand amount (calculated on a monthly basis) is proportional to the cost of living in the country of destination, based on estimates of the European Commission.

·         It is your personal responsibility to arrange for your accommodation and living expenses with the amount of funding granted to you.


Prior to departure:  

Prior to departure the Erasmus+ traineeship graduates will be provided with:

·         A Traineeship Learning Agreement regarding the specific program for the traineeship, approved by the graduate student, the University of Nicosia and the enterprise.

At the end of the traineeship period:

·         Graduates will be given a traineeship certificate.



The sooner the better!

The earlier you start your preparation for a traineeship, the more likely it is that you

will find a suitable one for you.


There is a lot of competition for traineeship positions so you should start the

 process as early as possible.



     Erasmus Office: Millennium Building, 1st floor, M102

      Contact:  Georgia Argyrou, Email:, Tel.: 22841571




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