According to the National Agency regulations:

  1. “The students wanting to go back to their home country will be given lower priority in the selection of the whole year. They will be listed last during the selection process and will be considered only for the second semester. However, if a student is selected he/she is allowed to receive the same amount as the other students, independently from their country of origin.”
  2. Distance learning students must do their traineeship/study mobility in another country than their country of origin (or Cyprus) in order to be eligible; otherwise they are considered as ineligible and cannot be funded by the program.


A person with special needs is a potential participant whose individual physical, mental or health-related situation is such that his/her participation in the project / mobility Action would not be possible without extra financial support. Participants and/or staff with special needs can apply for additional grant support to the National Agency in order to cover the supplementary costs for their participation in the mobility activities. Extra funding for students and staff with special needs may be provided also from other sources at local, regional and/or national level. As regards the accompanying persons for students and staff with special needs, they are entitled to receive a contribution based on real costs.

Applicants are expected to submit with their application a letter with their request for additional grant support, along with any supporting documents.