General Information for Students

Cost of Living

The Average cost of living in Nicosia, excluding accommodation and common expenses, ranges from €350-€450 per month.


The Accommodation Office assists students in finding a suitable and convenient accommodation. It provides on and off campus accommodation (on campus hostels, off campus hostels, off campus housing). It also provides students with information about lease agreements, furniture rental etc. Prices for the accommodation range from €250-€350. In addition, the Accommodation Office arranges student temporary accommodation at special rates and provides roommate services.  All the relevant information concerning the housing facilities, photos, rent price and lease terms may be found by clicking HERE. 


Charis Tzyrkas
Accommodation Office
Student Affairs Department
Tel.: 22 453125/018 | Fax: 22 592993


There are 2 Cafeterias and 1 Restaurant available on campus. The Restaurant serves a variety of hot, health-diet meals as well as snacks such as sandwiches, yoghurts, desert, fruit and drink, and it is open from 8:00am till 16:00pm daily. The Cafeteria provides for hot and cold snacks and drinks, as well as a variety of healthy foods, and it is open daily from 8:00am till 20:00pm.

Still, within walking distance from the University, there is a large shopping mall including Carrefour, Debenhams, Super Home Centre and other clothing shops. There, students can do inexpensive shopping and shop to cook at home.

Medical Facilities

The University of Nicosia holds a Health and Safety Office, with an officer in charge who is responsible for the Health and Safety Regulations of the University. The University maintains a First Aid room and first aid kits in key locations around the campus. Further, there are trained first aiders, all around campus, who are able to respond to emergencies.

Facilities for Special Needs Students

The University of Nicosia acknowledges that it is its proactive duty to serve the educational needs of all its students. As such, the University of Nicosia is equipped for students/staff/faculty with special needs. All buildings are accessible for the use of students with physical disabilities. Specifically, there are lifts available in every building and ramps for wheelchairs at the main entrances. There is also a rest room for people with disabilities available on campus.

Students with learning / physical difficulties and other special needs are registered with the Health and Safety Office and teaching faculty are informed about any arrangements that need to be made according to individual student needs. Learning disabilities are unique to each individual and each student requires different accommodation. Therefore accommodations are tailored to the individual. Examples of accommodations include: classroom and assignment modifications, breaks, flexibility on test administration (time / place), allow extra time etc.


International students that apply for a student visa will be required to make a Health Insurance. Local and European students may apply for a European Health Card at the Ministry of Health, for health coverage at government hospitals throughout the European Union. Incoming students coming on Exchange programmes, are often provided with a health insurance from their home /sending university, or possess one before arrival.

Financial Support for Students

Cypriot students are allowed to apply for Government Subsidy paid at the end of the academic year which ranges from €2500-3400, depending on the status of the student (large family, full-time, part-time, etc.). At the beginning of every semester, all students are entitled to apply for a tuition-fee discount, which will be evaluated and granted to students based on their individual and economic needs. Academic, sports and working scholarships are also available.

Student Affairs Office

The University Student Affairs Department offers a range of services to its students, assisting them to make a smooth and productive transition into university life. Some of the services include: International Student Assistance, Housing Assistance, Career Advice and Placement, Personal/Psychological Counseling Services, Student Activities (Union, Associations, Clubs and Societies), Sports Activities, Intranet Services, Language Support through the Centre of Modern Languages.

Counselling services offered by professionals, help international students to deal with any difficulties they might face during their stay in Cyprus. These services assist students with academic, social and emotional issues and all information is treated in the strictest confidence.

The Department of Student affairs is also responsible for student publications like the “Unique” and “It’s a Student Affair” magazines. The Events and Activities Office organizes various types of student events and activities such as Awards Ceremonies, Blood Donations, Charity Events, Christmas Gala Dinners, Dance Classes, Graduation Dinners, International Spring Festivals, Music Festivals, Seminars, Workshops, Talent Shows, Educational Trips Abroad, Documentaries Screening, and much more.The Department also organizes various Orientation Programmes for new students to welcome them to the UNic community. Orientation Sessions help students to get familiar with university services as well as with the university in general, meet their fellow students and participate in out-of-class activities.

More information regarding the services offered to the students can be found on the student intranet.

Fax and Mail

All students may use the following address in order to receive their mail at the University. The Department of Student Affairs keeps students' mail for two months.

University of Nicosia
(Student’s Name)
46, Makedonitissas Avenue
P.O. Box 24005
1700 Nicosia, Cyprus

The Fax service is free of charge to all students.


Christina Pilidou
Student Affairs Department
Tel.: 22 453125 | Fax: 22 592993

Learning Facilities

The University of Nicosia is well equipped with the newest technology and constantly developing facilities, to provide the most convenient learning and research environment to its students. In 2010 two new Buildings have been inaugurated – the Architecture Building and the Dance Studio, to enable students to put theory into practice. The same year, the Nursing Department developed their practice labs with the most recent and progressive technology; control-room-operated high-tech manikins, that will enable nursing students exercise their skill in the university environment. The following labs and facilities are also available for University students:

  • 11 amphitheatres
  • CINE studio/amphitheatre
  • Open amphitheatre
  • 50+ classrooms
  • 4 Conference Rooms
  • 20+ Computer (PC/Sun/Macintosh) Labs
  • Many other labs (Design, Photography, Communication, TV and Radio, Music, Language, Engineering, Culinary Arts, Hotel, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Education)
  • Library
  • Bookshop
  • Photocopy Centre
  • Computer Centre

International Programmes

The University of Nicosia has an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) and actively participates in the Erasmus programme, maintaining an Erasmus Office which provides support to:

a) students, to undertake recognized periods of study at partner institutions in other participating countries; and
b) teachers, to organize fully integrated teaching assignments of short duration.

Other international programmes include the Global Learning semester and Exchanges with Japan, where the University welcomes students from the USA and Japan respectively.

Practical Information for Mobile Students

Mobile students, participating in the international programmes of the University, are composed of the Outgoing and the Incoming students. The relevant departments provide assistance to all students.

Outgoing students may only participate in the Erasmus Exchange Programme. Such students are provoded with two annual information days about Erasmus, with the programme information, application procedures, partner university lists, Erasmus Departmental Coordinator’s lists (home university) and any other supporting documents being provided to students. The National Agency representative is also invited to answer any of the students’ questions about the mobility.

Incoming Erasmus students, before their application, are provided with the courses available in the upcoming semester, application forms, academic calendar, Incoming Students Newsletter and other travelling and accommodation information. Upon their arrival to the University of Nicosia, there is an ‘Erasmus Get Together’ event at the beginning of very new semester for the Incoming students to introduce them to the University campus, a brief history of the island of Cyprus, bring certain points about safety, living expenses and accommodation to their attention, and answer any of their questions. For more information please click HERE.

The Erasmus Office (Europa Building, 1st floor)
Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration
University of Nicosia
Tel or +357-22841726/727
E-mail: or

Airport Pick Up Service

The University offers airport pick up service for all International Students. A University Representative will be at the airport to meet the new students and accompany them to Nicosia. For more information students may contact the Admissions at least 48 hours prior to their arrival to Cyprus.

Office of Admissions
Marianna Michael
Tel.: 22841528
Fax: 22352067

Language Courses

At the beginning of every new academic year, the Student Affairs Department, with the cooperation with the Center of Modern languages Department, organize a 4 week Orientation Session/English language classes for all new students. Also students can register for any Foreign Language courses offered by the University every semester. The languages offered at the beginners, intermediate and more advanced level are: Greek, French, Italian, German, Russian. For information on the classes offered every semester please consult the Schedule of Classes.

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre assists students in achieving their academic goals through free tutorial services. Peer tutors provide academic support and guidance to students who need some extra academic help.


University students may apply for an internship programme at a local enterprise through the Careers Office. The Careers Office provides students and alumni with information on available jobs and internships. A list of job vacancies is available to all students and alumni on the intranet at may also apply for an Erasmus Placement through the Erasmus Office to complete a period of 3-12 months internship at an enterprise or a partner university (holder of EUC) in one of the European countries. In the same way, the University of Nicosia may host students for placements at the University Departments from its partner universities.

During the academic year, the Careers Office organizes a series of workshops and seminars which aim to broaden the horizon of the students on their career options.


Melina Andreou
Careers Office
Tel.: 22 453125/360 | Fax: 22 592993

Sports and Leisure Facilities

The University of Nicosia maintains a high standard athletics programme enabling students to participate in the Cyprus University Sports Federation Championships in women’s and men’s football, basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming, futsal, table tennis, cross-country teams, beach volley and athletics. Intramural sport activities (beach volleyball, paintball, bowling, beach soccer, table tennis, climbing, diving, etc) are organized throughout the academic year for pleasure and fitness.

The University Sports Office is also responsible for the University Gym, which is a free service to the students, staff and faculty, open during weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00. Furthermore, the Sports Office in cooperation with the Cyprus Sports Organisation offers the opportunity to all UNic students, faculty and staff to join various Athletics Clubs free of charge. Some of the Athletics Clubs are futsal, basketball, aerobics and fitness, outdoor activities, etc. There are also other fitness activities available to all students free of charge, which include dance, aerobic, yoga and pilates classes. The sports activities classes and fitness schedules are issued every month, closer to the commencement of the new academic year.

A range of Outdoor Activities such as trips to the Mountain Wineries, the Troodos Skiing Resort or other exciting nature trail trips are available to all university students and staff.


Papadopoulou Foteini
Sports Office
Tel.: 22 453125/147 | Fax: 22 592993    

Student Associations

There are a range of clubs and societies that students can join. Students usually form clubs based on social, ethnic, academic, athletic, arts, or other special interests. This service provides students the opportunity to participate or create a Club or a Society. Some of the existing clubs are: Dance, Diving, Environmental, Media, Music, Sports, Travelling, Volunteers, Erasmus, Global Semester, Wine, etc. There are also a variety of Academic Societies such as Design, Electronics, Law, MBA, Nursing, etc.

The University of Nicosia is committed to multiculturalism, diversity and to a culture of peace. The Department of Student Affairs encourages international students to interact in ethnic societies, and familiarize their fellow students with their cultures through all forms of creative art, music, singing, dancing and food. In this way a taste of the world is offered to local and international students. African, Arab, Bulgarian, Greek and Cypriot, Russian, Serbian are some of the ethnic societies.


Charis Tzyrkas, Maria Efraim
Events & Activities Office
Student Affairs Department
Tel.: 22 453125