Prospectus/Programme Booklets

The following attachments are intended to assist you in successfully completing your application procedure for any undergraduate or post graduate degree at the University of Nicosia.

University of Nicosia Prospectus

University of Nicosia International Prospectus

Οδηγός Σπουδών Πανεπιστημίου Λευκωσίας

Programme Booklets

Προγράμματα Σπουδών στην Ενέργεια, το Φυσικό Αέριο και το Πετρέλαιο

Πτυχιακά Προγράμματα στη Διοίκηση Επιχειρήσεων

Bachelor Degree Leaflets

School of Business

BBA in Marketing

BSc in Accounting

Business Programmes

BBA in Hospitality Tourism and Sports Management Programmes

School of Education

BA in Dance

BMus in Music

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

BA in Applied Multimedia

BAArch & DipArch in Architecture 

BA in Digital Communications and Mass Media

BA in English Language & Literature 

BA in Fine Art

BA in Graphic Communication 

BA in Interior Design 

BA in International Relations and European Studies

LLB in Law(Cyprus Law)

BSc in Psychology

BSc in Psychology (Greek)

BA in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

BSc in Social Work

School of Sciences and Engineering

BSc in Civil & Environmental Engineering

BSc in Computer Engineering

BSc in Electrical Engineering

BSc in Energy, Oil and Gas Management

BSc in Environmental and Energy Management

BSc in Mathematics

BSc in Nursing

BSc in Nursing (Greek)

BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics

BSc in Oil and Gas Engineering

BPharm in Pharmacy

BSc in Physiotherapy

BSc in Sports Science

Master Degree Leaflets

MA in Architecture 

MBA in Business Administration 

MA in Business Management (Greek)

MA in Business Management 

MSc in Clinical Dietetics 

MSc in Clinical Psychology

MSc in Computer Science 

MSc in Contemporary Nursing (Greek)

MSc in Counseling Psychology

MSc in Counseling

MSc in Criminology 

MA in Digital Art and Design 

MA in Digital Media and Communications

MEd in Education Sciences 

MSc in Biomedical Sciences

MSc in Educational School Psychology 

MSc in Electrical Engineering 

MSc in Engineering Management 

MA in European Public Law and Politics

MSc in Inherited Haemoglobin Disorders 

MA in International Relations and European Studies 

LLM in Law

MMus in Music 

MSc in Oil, Gas & Energy Engineering 

MSc in Orthopedic Science and Rehabilitation 

MA in Public Administration 

MSc in Science and Physical Education 

MSc in Shipping and Logistics Management

MSc in Sports Nutrition


MA in Theology (Greek)

Doctoral Degree Leaflets

PhD in Theology

PhD in Law

PhD in Social Work

PhD in Public Administration

PhD in Psychology

PhD in Oil, Gas and Energy Engineering

PhD in Media and Communications

PhD in Electrical Engineering

PhD in Education Sciences

PhD in International Relations

PhD in Computer Science

PhD in Clinical Psychology

PhD in Business Administration 

PhD in Architecture


Joint Degree Leaflets