Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling plays an important part in a student’s registration and academic performance at the University of Nicosia.

Each student receives planning and academic counseling from the academic counselors, the Head of Department and the Programme Coordinator. The academic officer/counselor assists students in pre-registration and registration, counsels them with regard to the student’s schedule and degree requirements, in case they cannot utilize the on-line services. The Head of Department and the Programme Coordinator are the senior faculty members for each programme and counsel students in their major area of specialization.

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Center (SSC) assists students in achieving their academic goals though tutorial services and workshops.

The staff members of the SSC are committed to enable students to succeed at the university. Working primarily with first year students, the center provides transition to university program, counseling, and academic skills training to the student population through several programs.

Services Offered

a) Workshops

Workshops target diverse audiences, covering fundamental skills topics that are essential ingredients for academic excellence. The collaborative academic efforts of various departments bring programming to students in the classrooms, residence halls, and the Student Success Center.

b) Tutoring – Math Lab and Writing Lab

Peer tutors provide academic support and guidance to students for their math and writing problems. Students get the personal attention they deserve to ensure their success.

The Math Lab provides students with free one-on-one tutoring help on math problems for the following courses: MATH 105 and MATH 160. Please note that the Math Lab tutors are peers who will assist students to the best of their abilities.

The Writing Lab helps students by offering free, individualized help on the process of developing written assignments in all disciplines. Trained tutors (undergraduate students and instructors in the English Department) talk with students on a one-to-one basis and offer constructive feedback intended to help students become comfortable with writing and improve their writing practices.

Contact Details

Department of Student Affairs, Monday to Friday
Tel: 22 453125