The Erasmus+ Mobility Committee at the University of Nicosia was established in order to be responsible for the evaluation of all the Applications coming from Students and  Staff members.

Selection Committee Members:

Prof. Edna Yamasaki, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs (Chair)
Dr Alexandros Antonaras, VP of Student Services
Prof. Constantinos Phellas, Vice Rector for Faculty and Research
Prof. Andreas Charalambous, Executive Dean of the Medical School
Dr George Gregoriou, Dean of the School of Sciences and Engineering
Prof. Angelika Kokkinaki, Dean of the School of Business
Prof. Christos Panayides, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Science
Prof. Panayiotis Angelides, Dean of the School of Education
Prof. Achilles Emilianides, Dean of the School of Law
Ms Maria Panayiotou, Registrar
Mr Christos Theocleous, Senior Academic Officer
Ms Myria Thrassou, Head of Student Affairs
Mr Theodoros Millidonis, Head of Erasmus Office
Ms Marianna Michael, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
Ms Georgia Argyrou, Erasmus Officer
Ms Stella Stylianou, Erasmus Officer
Ms Maria Lubat, Students’ Representative