“My Erasmus Traineeship took place in Aalborg of Denmark during the Fall Semester of 2012. During this amazing experience I had the opportunity to take interesting courses under the Department of Design and Technology of UCN, in Aalborg.
My Erasmus Mobility has not only helped me to become a more independent person but also interact with people from all over Europe. Interestingly, we had the chance to discuss our similarities and differences regarding our cultural habits.
Finally, it was an amazing adventure that I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience.”


Erasmus Student at the University College of Northern, Aalborg Denmark

Lionel Worrell, Graphic Design Communications Student , University of Nicosia

“My name is Stella Stylianou and I am a Postgraduate Student in Business Administration Department at the University of Nicosia. In addition I have spent the Fall semester of 2012 at ESC Rennes School in France as an Erasmus student

I can only think positive things about ERASMUS such as: meeting people from all over the world, new cultures, habits, lifestyles and ways of thinking.

This happened to me too. I met people from various places such as Nigeria, Morocco, China, Taiwan, India, Spain, Brazil, and Germany. We had the opportunity through group work and discussions to exchange views and opinions, not only for the course and beyond. Nevertheless, we were able to participate in various events such as, student nights. Meanwhile, two year later I still think about my experience in France and keep contact with the friends I made there.

The Erasmus program gave me the opportunity to have a fantastic experience and gain many happy memories. I highly recommend it to all since it is a unique opportunity that can really change lives.”

Erasmus Student in  ESC Rennes, France

Stella Stylianou, MBA student , University of Nicosia

“The Erasmus Program was one of the best experiences of my life.  This experience was a very good opportunity for my lifetime career. It gave me the choice to complete one of my dreams. Every young person needs to take their life in their hands and learn to express their opinions. I chose to live in Thessaloniki, Greece because we have the same culture and language with Greece and it would be easier for me to live there for a brief period. Living in Greece, I have improved a great deal of semantic knowledge about my studies. I also became open-minded because I have learnt to cooperate and communicate with other people who have different opinions and perceptions from me.

At the end of the Erasmus Program, I also got the opportunity to continue with an Erasmus Traineeship, and work in order to complete the practical part of my degree in psychology. I stayed in Thessaloniki for the summer of 2014 and worked at the organization that I chose to do my practice. The name of this organization is ARSIS ASSOCIATION FOR THE SOCIAL SUPPORT OF YOUTH. It is a non-Governmental organization, specializing in the social support of youth that are in difficulty or danger and in the advocacy of their rights. I am very excited for the whole experience of my life in the last 9 months. I highly recommended taking part in both Erasmus studentship and Traineeship since such programs help young people chase their dreams.”


Erasmus Student in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Christi Ttifa, BSc Psychology, University of Nicosia