Spending a semester or a full year in another EU institution under the Erasmus Programme is quite easy.  Below you can find the different steps to complete the application procedure.

How to apply for Erasmus?

The application procedure is very simple. All you need to do is bring us the following:
– completed Application Form (see below)
– transcript of records (Academic Affairs – room A6)
– one recommendation letter from a lecturer
– 2 passport-size photos
– Copy of your ID or passport

Once you submit to us all the documents, we can proceed with sending your application to the institutions you wish to apply to.

Step 1:
Application form – Deadline: 11 February 2019

Once you are admitted to a university abroad, we will need to select the courses which you will be taking there, that are compatible with the ones we offer here at Unic. This is important, so that you are able to receive all the credits completed abroad. Below you can see the list with the persons responsible for each department, who you can advise you on the matter and help you make the right choices.
The courses you select will be put on the Learning Agreement (see below), which will be approved by both UNIC and the host institution
Step 2:

Erasmus Departmental Coordinators 
Learning Agreement 
Course Compatibility Form

Before leaving for your adventure, you are advised to make the EU Health Card. You can find the application form and more information about the benefits it secures below.

Step 3:

Application for EU Health Card 
Information for EU Health Card


And off you go…

However, there are some things you should not forget to take with you, and so as to help you remember, we made you a checklist. It is a good idea to print it out before the trip and check all the points, as surely you will be excited, emotional and perhaps a bit nervous as well a few days before your departure.

Step 4:


The Certificate of arrival needs to be signed by the Erasmus coordinator at the university abroad and sent to us, so that we know you arrived safely, and the Certificate of Departure needs to be completed and given to you by the same person once you are leaving to return to Cyprus.

Step 5:

Certificate of Arrival
Certificate of Departure

Once you are back and full of new experiences, you will need to evaluate your stay abroad and give us a short description of your studies. This is important, as you will be receiving the final installment of your Erasmus grant only after you have submitted us these two reports.
Step 6:

Study report 
Final report

And just so that you know, while you are abroad, your progress will be monitored, as the academic supervisor in the host institution is required to send us the Confidential Supervisor’s Report.
Step 7:

Confidential supervisor’s report

Some students say that “what happens on Erasmus stays in Erasmus”… That may be true up to a certain point, but we will still know whether you are respecting your academic obligations, so have this in mind while you are attending all those Erasmus parties…
We wish you lots of success and fun,
The Erasmus Team