“My ERASMUS Traineeship experience was unforgettable!

It was a great opportunity to put into practice everything I have been learning in theory during the 4 years of studies at the University of Nicosia. I can tell for sure that the University gave me this opportunity that could possibly change my whole professional life and career. The Erasmus Program helped me develop my skills, reinforce my will and passion as a person with ambitions and dreams.

Meeting new people and create bounds not only on a professional but also on a personal level, was something that everyone should be able to experience.

I recommend it to EVERYONE especially to those who stopped making dreams.

I have this bittersweet feeling when you feel sad that something great comes to an end but at the same time you feel so lucky of being able to live it once.

After these 3 months of traineeship in another country, far away from my family, my friends and my security, I can now believe in myself more than ever. 

Thank you Erasmus and thanks to my University for this amazing experience!

Special thanks to Georgia for the enormous help and support.”


Traineeship at SAP Hellas, Athens, Greece

Lorena Constantinou, Communications Student, University of Nicosia