“The ERASMUS program presented me the opportunity of a lifetime; expand my professional experience in an immense multinational company like LACOSTE, while living in Paris, France.
Without this program, I would have started my MBA, but perhaps lacking the necessary work experience which has proved to be eye opening in various ways. My problem solving skills, independence, and leadership abilities have expanded within this period. I have met with clients and colleagues from all over the world, and participated in exhibitions and events of the company which seemed dreamlike.  Living in France, I have not only improved my French, but also had the chance to live and absorb the culture, which is in itself a priceless education.
At the end of the program, I have received a job offer to stay here for another year as an employee. This offer wouldn’t have been possible without ERASMUS. It is a program that provides you the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences if the right perseverance and motivation is set to it”.


Traineeship at Lacoste, Paris, France
Daisy Petevis, MBA Student, University of Nicosia