“Poland is a lovely Country and I believe I was very lucky in choosing Buisness Intelligence architects, Although it is a small company, the experience which I have gained throughout my placement has made me successfully pass most job interviews and finally be employed at Accenture Services sp. z.o.o , One of the largest outsourcing companies in the world. In my experience, my colleagues at work were very friendly, helpful and always shared my work. Upon successful representation of responsibility BI Architects made me responsible for most of their work when it came to the development of the new social media application “Qute” not only but the trust was perceived so much that I was given the chance to coordinate all incoming interns work. I believe the courage and responsibility I have gained at this company helped me in achieving so much when it comes to furthering my career. Always remember its not about continuing your studies always but gaining experience in the right place at the right time and I believe my Erasmus Traineeship has given me much satisfaction.”


Traineeship at Business Intelligence Architects, Poland

Bader Ammourah ,Business Administration: Finance and Economics, University of Nicosia