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Library and Information Centre

Are you overwhelmed with campus life, your studies, your assignments and that paper you have to hand in next week? We are here to help you overcome all these fears.

We do not just help you find materials on the shelves. We can help you become an independent learner in a changing world.

Our library building is only 3 minutes from the main campus.  Visit us with your registration slip from the Finance Office and within 24 hrs. after you register with us, you can have access to our wireless services from anywhere on campus and off campus.

Need to write a paper or thesis?  Check our website and find anything you need to know about the library and its resources.

Our collection consists of 95,000 volumes, print journals and thousands of journal articles available electronically through various data banks, a number of e-journals, e-books as well as music scores and audio-visuals – all relevant to the subject areas of study. On-line access to the Library’s collections is made available through Aleph (by Ex-Libris) – an automated state-of-the art new catalogue, which can be accessed by Author, Title, Subject and Keyword, from anywhere on campus. 

Still can’t find what you are searching? We can help you find it through other libraries, either local or from abroad, provided you come to us early enough and not the last minute when you have to hand in your assignment.  Our library, along with another 15 libraries, is a member of the Cyprus Libraries Union Catalogue and the British Library Documentation Centre. This gives all users the possibility to find through other libraries  titles not found in our University Library.

Use your time wisely and drop in between classes.  For quick assistance check with our Circulation Desk, for more intensive assistance schedule an appointment with one of our librarians. Library staff is always available to assist with orientation classes & tours at the beginning of each semester or any other time, upon request.  You are encouraged to familiarise yourselves with the loan policies of the Library.

The library is not just for doing research only.  It is a place to discover new ideas and get new experiences – a place where you can plug into the web, meet with a friend to study or a place of solitude away from the noisy campus. It has a pleasant environment conducive to study and learning, with individual study carrels, areas for group work, and Wireless Internet Access throughout the building. It has a seating capacity of 200 users and is open six days a week during the academic year.

Opening Hours and Holidays vary, so you are encouraged to check the Library website for information on opening hours.